Order the Game Against the Wind here: control a sailboat yourself and reach the finish line with lots of fun, strategy, and tactic along the way. Interactive - only one click on a PC (Win, Linux or Mac OS X).


Sailing for Beginners

Sail a boat against the wind - how to do it?

Is this your first time steering a boat? Tactical Sailing shows how you can "tack" against the wind to move your boat upwind. You can watch your maneuvers when you "Tack" or "Jibe" on a PC. Learn how to speed up your boat, "Bear away" and "Luff up" to get to the next target faster. All sails are always set perfectly by an automatic trimmer, so you can concentrate on steering. Sailing with Tactical Sailing is sure to be fun, because it makes the sport more understandable in the form of a game. "Tactical Sailing - A Game Against the Wind" will let you enjoy all kind of sailing experiences.

First steps: for beginners:
> Steering a boat
> Sail against the wind - Tack and Jibe
> Speed up your boat - Bear away and Luff up
> Go on a first course around buoys
The Tracking Line System draws the way you go and visualizes all your maneuvers.

"The best Opti game world wide!"

That's how convinced the experienced sailors Philipp and Julian Autenrieth, who themselves were Opti World Champions in 2006, described our game. So, if sailing is YOUR sport, then you absolutely need "Tactical Sailing" in order to be able to train during every season. Along with that, you're guaranteed to have a lot of fun playing!

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Upwind and tack
Downwind and jibe
Speed up a boat
Turn around buoys

"The visualization of the sailed path is very useful for beginners..."

Hans Schroecker
Heiner Mueller

Hans Schroecker, Optimist Coach: "Visualizing the sailed path is very useful for beginners. The children were shown what ‘luffing’, ‘bearing away’ and ‘beating' mean. One child made the same mistake on the PC as on the water - they didn't hold the tiller calmly, rather they rowed around wildly. Then, on the PC, we practiced what you need to do to steer a boat correctly."

Heiner Mueller, Optimist Coach: "Here the children can learn easier how to correctly round a buoy. On the water, they sail directly towards the buoy, but then immediately stand still in the wind. Now I can show them the optimal path on the PC, namely, to sail past the buoy first and then round it."

The "1x1" basics of the wind up to a Chess Board "8x8" to choose from

From experience, you know constant, shifting or oscillating winds, squalls, and lulls. Tactical Sailing winds, which we simulate on the play and regatta field, also have these characteristics. You can choose different wind variations at each level of difficulty, e.g. the "1x1 Wind" for beginners up to the "8x8 Wind" for professionals on chess board squares.

1. Easy: constant wind strength but a shifting wind direction in 3x3 Wind regions.
2. Medium: slowly pulsing wind in 6x6 Wind regions on the playing field.
3. Difficult: fast oscillating wind in 8x8 and 64 Wind regions on the playing field.
4. Complex: Tile wind pattern with different 8x8 Wind regions.