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Slalom Sailing

Endless fun!

Slalom Sailing - endless fun!

Like the traditional Slalom in winter sport, the aim here is to reach the finish line first and win with the fastest time. It´s not easy to get through the narrow Slalom Sailing. The buoys are set just like slalom gates on a ski slope and your boat must pass them as closely as possible to keep the sailing distance short.

Family Simonsen* with children Tiuri & Liva playing Slalom Sailing

Lars Simonsen: "It is great fun to play the game and very quickly we got the hang of it. Also the fact that the wind can change direction and force made it more realistic and interesting, my boy (Tiuri) wanted to play all the time. And he beat me … !"

Lars and kids
Suzi and kids

The youngest kids were 5 years* old

Kris (5)
David and Jonathan playing
Bastian plays, Jonathan and David won a CD
Bastian won a CD

Professional sailors Abby (SCA-Team) and Tom Ehler (AC Manager)

32 Marks
Abby and Tom Ehler


"Slalom Sailing is ... to be in tune with the wind whilst sailing"

Abby Ehler

At the boot Düsseldorf I had the chance to 'play' with the TacticalSailing software, the slalom sailing was a unique experience, although this style or course would probably never be played out on the water. What it did require was for the player to be really tuned into the wind as it constantly shifted, so a great training tool for coaching the need to be in tune with the wind whilst sailing the boat at max speed.

Abby: !And just for the record, I won!! :-) ... to Thomas Ehler: eat my dirt!!"

You play against the wind - and the wind against you!

A few seconds ahead makes a winner

What is unique as well as unusual about our " Slalom Sailing " on the PC is that you play with the wind, but the wind plays against you. You will never experience such wind on the water, nor will you ever want to. This wind is the horror! It is unpredictable, can shift from second to second, oscillate or suddenly blow a gale. It claims the complete concentration of the skipper at all time, right to the end of the game. Just like "Tactical Sailing - A Game Against the Wind", you can have fun and sail "Slalom Sailing" alone against the computer, your fictitious sparring partner.

Slalom - 8, 16, 24 and 32 marks

8 marks
16 marks
24 marks
32 marks
Time: 1:06,6; Wind: 010°
Time: 1:48,9; Wind: 290°
Time: 2:50,4; Wind: 220°
Time: 3:29,1; Wind: 175°

Lucky with the weather - and the crazy wind blows favorably

Wind rose with medium wind direction 170°

To begin our "Slalom Sailing", you will need to start with a course of 8 buoys. After that you can increase the difficulty level of the "slope" by making a course with 16, 24 or even 32 buoys at the start. The wind will blow from a different direction in every game, but in your favor, but also to your disadvantage 'against you'. If you are lucky and the crazy wind blows favorably, then sail with optimal speed to reach your best time at the finish line. Make a screenshot (e.g. as above) of your race including the medium wind direction (Option: Wind rose ON). We will register your Slalom Best time on the Raceing Results.


Parallel Slalom

You can also choose to sail against another boat, as in our "Tactical Sailing - Boat Against Boat". Here you can make a direct comparison to a sailing friend in a second boat. This enables you to check who is ahead in our "Parallel-Slalom" and have endless fun together!

New surprising situations arise - by the "Slalom-randomgenerator"

360° Wind roses - shifting wind directions

Each game of "Slalom Sailing" is completely different, with a vast number of variations. By every new start, the wind blows from a different direction. With the changeable winds on the course, new surprising situations constantly arise which are determined by the "Slalom-randomgenerator". This means you have very little influence over the outcome of the game, which is why it makes it endless fun.

Riscs: The quickly shifting winds and the closely placed buoys

Penalty on hitting marks

With "Slalom-Sailing" the skipper must be prepared to take risks brought about by the quickly shifting winds and the closely placed buoys. These risks are comparable to icy snow humps or sharp curves on the ski slope. Of course the buoys must not be touched, otherwise there will be penalty points.
To steer clear is difficult because the wind is unpredictably oscillating. There could be sudden headwinds which slow you down, or the next moment crosswinds or tailwinds which give you rapid speed. Your capacity to optimally react at all times is first priority. Whoever does not pay attention or sails without the utmost concentration, will deviate from the racing line and sails out of the curve, thus losing the chance to finish in the minimum time.

* Sources

Family Simonsen, Lars, Suzi, Tiuri (10), Liva(8): Family Simsonen is a very intersting familie, always open minded for "New Ideas". So they enjoyed the new Slalom Sailing at the boot 2017 in Düsseldorf. The Simonsen's are an "adventurefamily". Their most exciting trip: 1.5 years they hopped with two Hobi Tandem Island from Copenhagen to Istanbul, with 150 kg luggage, including 20kg school books for Tiuri. See: www.lifeisgoodfollowus.com

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