Order the Game Against the Wind here: control a sailboat yourself and reach the finish line with lots of fun, strategy, and tactic along the way. Interactive - only one click on a PC (Win, Linux or Mac OS X).


Sparring partner

Sparring Partner in competition with you

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If you tactically apply your knowledge and skill, you should be able to be the first to cross the finish. A second boat has the sole function of a comparison boat and is controlled by autopilot. In contrast to you, the computer controlled autopilot uses no strategy or tactics - only the physical laws of sailing and the course around the buoys from start to finish.

Analyze Your Position

You recognize if you have a lead or if you are falling behind the other boat at every position you reach. Because of this, you can more easily analyze and judge the situation on the playing field and then act accordingly.

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You can gain more information about the wind through the use of additional options on the playing field: With any number of wind flags, an intelligent wind indicator (windex) on your boat, through the lay lines marked by the buoys or with a bearing that marks the direction of the course to go next.

In Regatta-Mode you can switch your sparring partner boat on/off. You can compare yourself to it (ON), or you can sail against the wind or time (OFF).

In Game-Mode boats have contact with each other they can touch or even overlap. This is not a mistake, but rather a comparison tool. This shows you if you are ahead, behind, or at the same lenght as the other boat at any given moment violation of the right of way is not taken into account.