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One would have to "read the wind"

The wind on the regatta field you can easily identify with Tactical Sailing. We provide important tips, what observations you can make. For example, you can watch the wind conditions on the surface of the water before the start of the regatta. Wind direction and wind strength are marked with flags. We also show and demonstrate challenging wind conditions, you should constantly observe, for example, shifting and oscillating winds, squalls and doldrums holes, arranged in "chessboard" squares of up to 64 wind fields.

Lake Garda
Game Scene Wind 8x8

The "1x1" basics of the wind up to a Chess Board "8x8" to choose from

From experience, you know constant, shifting or oscillating winds, squalls, and lulls. Tactical Sailing winds, which we simulate on the play and regatta field, also have these characteristics. You can choose different wind variations at each level of difficulty, e.g. the "1x1 Wind" for beginners up to the "8x8 Wind" for professionals on chess board squares.

1. Easy: constant wind strength but a shifting wind direction in 3x3 Wind regions.
2. Medium: slowly pulsing wind in 6x6 Wind regions on the playing field.
3. Difficult: fast oscillating wind in 8x8 and 64 Wind regions on the playing field.
4. Complex: Tile wind pattern with different 8x8 Wind regions.