Order the Game Against the Wind here: control a sailboat yourself and reach the finish line with lots of fun, strategy, and tactic along the way. Interactive - only one click on a PC (Win, Linux or Mac OS X).



You get the latest version of Tactical Sailing software automatically!

Whether you bought the CD or downloadable version in an Online Shop, at a bookstore, from a specialized dealer or from your coach, you can always get access to the latest version of the software by simply going through the "Set_Up" received when you purchased the game, or see notes on Update here.

Your license key is still valid to receive upgrades and updates, even if you have already purchased "A Game Against the Wind". An upgrade "Boat Against Boat" is available for free, if you baught the game before June 2012, as of June 26, 2012 the "Boat Against Boat" is always included. See more details at the Tactical Sailors Lounge .