App for iPad on offer

Sailing on the go! Available now on every iPad, this "App" makes it possible to enter the world of sailing at a low price for 1,59 EUR in English.

Whether a rookie or a professional sailor, everyone interested in the sport of sailing can find a selection of the most important tips needed to steer your boat the "Right of Way", to take the wind from the best side and to also make use of tactical maneuvers while racing against other opponents.

Three of the fourteen „Tactical Sailing” tips are founded - start to finish - by sailing guru David Dellenbaugh. The other eleven tips include: the rules of Right of Way (World Sailing) recommended by Uli Finckh (World Sailing Umpire), advanced racing tips by Joerg Diesch (Olympic Gold - FD) and demos of boat speed ranges and the turbulent wind 8x8 - all presented in video clips. In 2012 these tips were awarded winner of the "European Award for Technology Supported Learning!“

This "App", however, is only the first step into the world of sailing. The full version of the game actually includes more tips than currently possible to implement onto iPad. Our advice to those who want to improve their tactics and strategies is to order Tactic Sailing: “A Game Against the Wind“ for Mac or PC. There are more than 40 tips available and of course our very own sailing challenge „Boat Against Boat“ in Match Race for professional sailors!

Q: Where can I order?
A1: The tips in the App Store or iTunes for 1,59 EUR! Click here: "tactical sailing tips" for iPad.
A2: The game here this website from 39 EUR in Online Shop "Game&Tips" for Mac and PC.