Boat Against Boat - Playing Duell in Riva

The 30th Lake Garda Meeting Optimist Class offered many exciting sailing duels in Riva, Italy - on the water as well as on land.

From day one, it was very busy at the “Tactical Sailing” booth. There were more than 1,000 registered "Juniores" and "Cadettis", many unnerved Moms and Dads and many friendly operating coaches. As expected, many were excited to see the new features of the “Tactical Sailing” program. Regardless of the weather, the game was tested on PC in Match Race and Fleet Race and everyone wanted to score the best place. Like on Lake Garda, neither the rain, the gusts of winds, the lack of wind or the sunshine could wear the “Tactical Sailing” players out. The challenge was to get the next best time in the game “Boat Against Boat.”

For quite some time, the Swedish sailor and computer enthusiast, Ludvig Lindqvist, was in the lead with his best time of: 1:06.9, but his opponents from countries world-wide would not give up. Matilda and Campbell from Bermuda Islands, as well as Hungarian, Portuguese and Italian “Cracks” belong to our team of avid players, who definitely don’t make it easy for Ludvig to hold his long-standing title.

Similar to the 30th Lack Garda Meeting, we had our personal final race for “Tactical Sailing” on Sunday. Our ultimate champion was Campbell (BER 1008) with his best time of 1.04.3 and who also - out of 260 other competitors - took 6th in the water competition! By winning the race on the PC, Campbell knocked Ludvig (SWE 890) down to second place. Matilda (BER 1111) finished 1:08.2, just a fraction in front of Swiss "Cadetti" Joshua (SUI 1585), who crossed the finish line with a time of 1:08.4. Levente (HUN 1284) from Hungary, along with 10-year-old Ludvig, was one of our best "Trockensegler" on PC, coming in fifth with his best time of 1:10.9.

The competition in „Boat Against Boat“ was difficult: obey the rules or pay the price of getting penalties. In the end, fairness and honesty presided and won the game. Congratulations to the new record holders were exchanged, making the phrase „I broke the record!“ the new slogan of the day. “Tactical Sailing” continues to sail forwards with new friends aboard and many enthusiastic young sailing fans around the world!


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