Coach training in Berlin, learning to sail and learn tactics

Learning to sail with ease - is that even possible? Yes, because: "... whenever we play, we also learn - that is part of our evolution." Prof. Dr. med. Peter A. Henning, scientific director of LEARNTEC, in his laudatory speech for Tactical Sailing, was the first winner of eureleA 2012 in the field of "Best Media Didactics". This competition, which has been launched throughout Europe by the University of applied sciences of Karlsruhe (Germany) since 2004, honors outstanding projects from the entire spectrum of technology-based learning and teaching.

With the Tactical Sailing program, tactical procedures can be optimally displayed on the PC with various simulations and virtually trained, such as tactics "Against the Wind" and tactics against a fictional opponent in the fight "Boat against Boat". The Berlin sailors association BSV is now also using this variety of possibilities and offers a further training measure for all licensed trainers on 24 February to extend the license. The theme: "Tactical Sailing - Learning to sail with ease and Learning Tactics". Registration for the coach training in Berlin until 21.2., see here.

Note to all sailing clubs and sailing schools! Our seminar offer is aimed at all schools and sailing clubs: Our team can come to the seminar directly to the clubhouse of the club or there is the possibility, via Skype Internet connection, the seminar virtually anywhere - so to speak, worldwide. Please inquire about this .

Especially for the training of the "youngest" (7-8 years) a category for "juniors" was developed in the Coach's Toolbox. But there are also important news for the experts among the sailors: the use of an additional "virtual wind system-2" in the simulation on the subject of "risk management". Here is the opinion of the internationally successful coach Cyrill Auer (SUI): "Tactical Sailing is a great software to better understand the tactical aspects of sailing. I often use this software in theory lessons. A huge advantage is that the program also includes games. The sailors can sail against other boats or try to get the best time on a regatta course.

As part of the overall program of "Tactical Sailing - Games & Tips", the Coach's Toolbox is an important addition. Of course, the Toolbox can also be used by all other interested sailors. Beginners learn the basics of sailing and experienced sailors can perfect their knowledge in strategy and tactics to be optimally prepared for upcoming regattas.
The inclusion of digital media in the complicated training processes in sailing is now absolutely necessary and thus the theoretical "training" on the PC in the preparations for major sporting events is indispensable. Likewise the opinion of Mat Belcher, Australian Olympic champion in the 470: "Tactical Sailing is not an easy game ... it really has the advantage to increase your tactical skills and I will continue to use the game in the preparations for the Olympic Games."

The Games & Tips is available as direct download (39 EUR) or including add on Toolbox (59 EUR); it operates on almost every computer system (Windows, Linux, Mac). Learn more about the features at under “Game & Tips & Toolbox”.

Photos © Tactical Sailing: Heiner Mueller, Coach for kids at Yacht-Club Seeshaupt Lake Starnberg near Munich (YCSS).
Laptop Screenshot: Winter training with kids; © Detlef Höpfner, SVWK-Segelverin Witten-Kemnade e.V.