"Digital Media" - fresh wind in Sailing

If you also want to navigate a sailboat virtually, "Tactical Sailing" is definitely a "must have". With its multitude of simulations and a toolbox specially developed for the coach work, it offers perfect training possibilities for all those who have dedicated themselves to yachting.

"Tactical Sailing" has developed the virtual model of a J / 70, which can be used on PC / Mac for training purposes - intended for all sailors of the J / 70 class association and especially for the Junior- and Sailing Champions league. Heinz Nixdorf Verein e.V. (Germany) founded a new training center for 16-21-year-old talented sailors, set up - the Heinz Nixdorf Verein - Academy. Thus, Joachim Hellmich, managing director and even once world-class sailor in the star boat, especially to all who want to prepare specifically for the Junior Champions League. At the Yacht Club Delecke e.V. the young sailors can regularly train in J / 70 boats on the Möhnesee. For the theoretical training in strategy and tactics, the boat type of a J / 70 from "Tactical Sailing" is used for intensive training on the PC. Joachim Hellmich on his experiences with this virtual training methodology: "Tactical Sailing is indispensable for training in the HNV-Academy." More detailed information on the J / 70 type of boat - both real and virtual - can be obtained at the fair in Duesseldorf "boat 2018" at the J / 70 Class Association at the Sailing Center in Hall 15 / G21.

It is particularly important for "Tactical Sailing" to devise new simulations, thus supporting honorary Coaches such as Heiner Mueller from Yacht Club Seeshaupt on Lake Starnberg (YCSS). He told us of his experiences: "With simulation the children can learn more easily on how to round a buoy. On the water, they sailed directly towards the buoy and were left standing in the wind. With the PC simulation, I can now demonstrate the optimal way to round a buoy, namely to sail past it and then round it." "Luffing up and bearing away" on the PC, shows exactly how sensitively a boat reacts to steering. With its fine precision control, the simulation demonstrates just how a real boat will react on water when the tiller is used. It is, therefore, necessary to develop a feeling for luffing up with enough speed to efficiently round the buoy. If this is achieved, the simulation will display it through the black and orange segments of the circle. The second boat, which is the coach's boat and the PC controlled "sparring-partner" needs only to be followed.

Strategic and tactical decision making for regatta sailing can, in some respects, be compared to "Risk Management" in business and industry. Right at the starting line, the sailor must quickly decide whether to take the right or left side of the regatta field. Jochen Schuemann, Germany's most successful and prominent sailor, said in an interview: "The physics of sailing permanently compels clear decision making". Because of this, our newly devised additional virtual "Wind-System-2", is really good news for our "sailing experts". With shifting winds it is now possible to immediately calculate the Risk or Chance for a "Gain" or "Loss". This special additional option of "Wind-System-2” can be activated in the program. The original "Wind-System-1", reacts normally as the boat sails along its planned direction. Parallel to this, "Wind-System-2" is made visible by a turquoise wind region. With this, a sailor can now see, and be able to react to any wind shifts, brought about by a "Lift or a Header". With "Wind-System-2" on the PC, it is also possible to demonstrate the optimal moment for tacking. For the sailor, Risk and Chance - "best and worst case" - are made visible thus enabling him to make the right decision on when to tack.

It is certain that the incorporation of modern media into complicated training routines is essential today, and thus the theoretical work on the PC has become indispensable in the preparations for major sporting events. The Australian Olympic champion in the 470s, Mat Belcher, said: "Tactical sailing is not an easy game ... it really has the advantage of increasing your tactical skills and I will continue to use the game in preparation for the next Olympic Games games. "

But: The Coach’s Toolbox is not only a perfect tool for coaches, it is also indispensable for all sailors who want to deepen their knowledge in strategy and tactics in self-study. On the PC, they can exercise with a "mouse-click" tactical sailing in prepared or self-designed regattas (for example, starting, buoy maneuvers, gate scenes, target crosses). It is possible to compete against a maximum of 10 boats for a virtual competition.
A sailor wrote to us: "The simulation creates a real feeling and requires full concentration - like a real regatta on the water."

If you already have a license key, you can get a free update here. The game is a perfect gift, it can be downloaded directly from the internet (39 €), is available on CD (44 €) or with Extension Coach’s Toolbox (+20 €), "All in One" (59 € / 64 €). It runs on almost any computer (Windows, Linux, Mac). See the services at www.tacticalsailing.com and order the game on our website as a download in the online store.