DSV-Coaches train Tactic with Tactical Sailing

There was advanced training for licenced coaches A/B at the German Sailors Association (DSV) in Kiel - Schilksee. Ulf Denecke, Head of Training, took "tactics" as a topic in the programm, and invited Paul Gerbecks, Innovator of "Tactical Sailing" and expert in this field, to take part.

With his simulations on the PC, "tactics" can be optimally displayed and virtually trained. For example, which tactics should be used "Against the Wind" or against a virtual opponent as in "Boat Against Boat".

In the latest version of "Tactical Sailing's Coach's Toolbox" the topic "Reward and Risk" has been analysed and structured in great detail. Wanting to be initiated into Paul Gerbecks "virtual secrets" and practical approach to "tactical" sailing, came 27 coaches, their ages ranging from 20 to 70. As always, it was heard quoted: "sailing is done on the water!"
However, during the course of the seminar, the coaches were given practical exercises in "Tactical Sailing" on the PC. This demonstrated the positive effect for including it in their own training programs. For regatta sailors there are always situations which, due to weather conditions, cannot be trained on the water, but must, "in theory" be well prepared.
This is exactly what the "Tactical Sailing-Toolbox", with its numerous variable simulations facilitates. It is not only beginners, learning the basics of sailing, who benefit from virtual sailing. For the regatta sailors we have especially developed simulations with complicated and demanding situations, requiring a high and comprehensive tactical knowledge.

There was a positive feedback at the conclusion of the day. "Tactical Sailing" software for their laptop was given to each participant, enabling them to continue training. The "Tactical Sailing-Toolbox" was well received by the coaches. For many it will become an important working medium for adapting their own specific training programs.
The coaches also suggested "Tactical Sailing" should be offered to yachting sailors for practice purposes. Although they usually "pretend" not to be interested in regatta sailing, they are usually quite ambitious in Club regattas, wanting a good start and be first at the upwind mark.

The DSV was also satisfied with the outcome of the seminar. The inclusion of digital Media in complicated training procedure is essential today, and theoretical "training" on the PC, indispensable for major sporting events. Mat Belcher, Australian Olympic Champion in 470 shares this opinion: "Tactical Sailing" is not an easy game ... It really has the ability to increase your tactical skills. I certainly will continue to use it in my preparations for the next Olympic Games."

The Tactical Sailing Software can be downloaded directly from the net (39 €), or with extension Trainer-Toolbox (+20 €), "All in One" (59 €). It runs on almost every computer (Windows, Linux, Mac). See the services at www.tacticalsailing.de and order the game on the website as a download in the online shop.