J / 70 - and Tactical Sailing at the boat show in Düsseldorf - boot 2018!

In Hall 15 / G21 a virtual J / 70 can be viewed on the PC and in parallel - as a kind of real comparison - a J / 70 from the "Murtfeldt Sailing Team". Tactical Sailing, this year at the exhibition stand of the class association, has the opportunity to present its virtual model of a J / 70 to interested trade fair visitors.

Our model of a J / 70 - a realistic replica - was designed on the basis of all technical specifications, size and speed. Virtually controlling a J / 70 on the PC is almost like being on the water on a boat. On the PC you can experience the flexibility of the boat when tacking and jibing and also feel the low "moment of inertia" of the relatively lightweight construction.

The Heinz Nixdorf Verein e.V. has founded a training center - the Heinz Nixdorf Verein Academy, designed for 16-21 year old talented sailors who want to prepare for the Germen Junior Championship. At the Westphalian Yacht Club Delecke e.V. the young junior sailors can train in J / 70 boats on the Möhnesee. That's where it comes in handy if the theory training - Strategy and Tactics - can also use a virtual J / 70 - the boat type of "Tactical Sailing" - for training on the PC.
A "boat simulator" ensures perfect feathering of mainsail and foresail as well as gennaker. Boat speeds can be simulated from the polar diagram at different wind directions and strengths of 5 - 30 knots. For active sailors, it is not surprising that the J / 70 fleet could grow so much in a few years. This boat has not only aroused the interest of some of the world's most talented sailors, but has also had a positive impact on the growth of many sailing leagues in Europe.

"Tactical Sailing" has also followed this trend and has recently developed the model of a J / 70, which can now be used on the PC / Mac for regatta training purposes - intended for all sailors of the J / 70 class association and especially for the active in the Junior and Sailing Champions League.

The "Coach's Toolbox" gives the champoin league sailor - as well as any other interested sailor - the additional opportunity to train with a "wind simulator". Wind shifts are always a great potential to shorten the distance to sail and to optimize the speed of a J / 70. But also the opposing boats - all of the type J / 70 - are a very important content aspect of the training program on the PC/Mac. In the mode "Boat against Boat" start phase, buoy maneuver and finish with up to 10 boats can be repeated as often as desired. Of course, there are also specially developed simulations for all sailors, where you can even sail your own personal Champions League regatta on the PC. It is sailed on short tracks in the fleet race - and the best sailor determined.

This boat type J / 70 joins the "Tactical Sailing fleet" and enlarges it to currently 14 boats on which the PC/Mac can be selected - from the small Opti for sail beginners to the "maxi-yacht" among the boats, a TP 52. Tactical Sailing is a perfect gift, it can be downloaded directly from the net (39 €), or with extension Trainer Toolbox (+20 €), "All in One" (59 €); It runs on almost every computer (Windows, Linux, Mac). See the services at www.tacticalsailing.de and order the game in the online shop!

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