Match Race - One to One

Tactical Sailing surprises its fans with a new game variation that we will present at boot 2012. Your opponent is no longer exclusively the wind- now you can play in pairs directly against each other.

But what is match racing?
Match racing is not for weak nerves. Match racing is a power and strategy game on the water- for sailing athletes with a sharp mind, killer instinct, and consistency. Two teams duel against each other. Tactics, teamwork, and psychology are the things that make a difference during match racing. The notorious idea of the match race is from America’s Cup. There is no other! Only the best survive the sailing duel! Boat against boat, bow in bow, eye to eye.” From „Match Rache-Duell unter Segeln“, Delius Klasing Verlag, 2011. The unique thing about it is: already at the start sailors try to get their opponents into an unfavorable position using tactical sophistication and skillful maneuvers. The duel on the water generally takes place in the tightest spaces. Very often only a few boats’ lengths determine victory and defeat.

Hit me
Now you too can experience this thrill with Tactical Sailing. “Hit me”- this is what we are calling all rule breaking. False starts, touching buoys, and of course when boats come into contact are all punished.

The duel begins with the announcement shot that is fired to signal that there are five minutes before the start signal from the comity boat. Every boat has precision steering with which you and you opponent can fight to get an optimal place in the starting line. Referees look for errors and make calls immediately. The boat can complete the punishment for its errors at any time during the fight up until finishing the race, i.e turning a punishment circle.

There are two basic right of way rules to abide by during a match race: the boat with the wind from the right side (starboard) has the right of way. 1.The opposing boat must keep the way free. 2. The boat that is on the inside of the circle two boat-lengths wide around the tacking buoy has the right of way and can turn first.

TacTips- Match Race
We simulate these rules for you. But before you use it for training check out our tips! In our Match-Race- game you can see exactly when the opposing boat touches a buoy or when you can use your advantage through the inside position at the zone. Register for trial sailing in the Tactical Sailing Lounge on our website. There you can find all further information about the free trial runs with select match race teams.