No time for hibernation!

With "Tactical Sailing" it is possible, even in winter, to sail "at home"! With the heating on, there is no chance of a cold red nose or stiff frozen fingers, it even feels like summer! Tactical finesse and tricks can still be exercised to compete against changing weather conditions, gusts or lull of the wind and also opposing boats.

In February 2019, Paul König, coach at the Joersfeld Sailing Club (Berlin), set his new best time record in the section: "Wind 8x8-gusts-Masters Race". Of course, he immediately informed us that he had broken his own all time record: "I was recently pleased to see that my record in "Masters Race" had not been broken. 

Therefore, it pleases me even more to inform you that today I have succeeded in breaking my own record. This I managed, during preparations for a theory lesson which I was giving in advanced training. I was able to beat my own record, from last winter, by 2 seconds."
As proof: A screenshot - timer in the target: 3:02.9 (see left)
My Tip: Also in practice: Just because "left" was good (that time), doesn't mean that "right" (this time) cannot be better! (February 2019).

In addition, the "Tactical Sailing" Team would like to congratulate Paul König: It was a tactically wise decision from you, directly after the start, to use the wind from the "right side"! It is - as you say - also in practice, a good feeling with the first tack, to reach the upwind buoy first.

Our Team is also looking forward to hearing about your latest coaching experiences and how you combine "Tactical Sailing" with sailing practice, and which simulations you find most useful on the PC.

Our tip to all sailors: Join us and qualify for our ranking, because: "Sailing with Tactical Sailing is really fun!" The Tracking Line System (TacTrac) records the lines: it shows your sailed path and your tactical manoeuvres are so visible. Send us your screenshot from the finish line, tell us the sailed time, show the "sailed path" (option: Boat) - without buoy touch - and you are qualified for the ranking! Send e-mail to: