Sailing is so exciting ...

With the game "Tactical Sailing" Optimist sailors prepare their 2014 season ... depending on their level of performance. Henry(right) and Finn from the city of Muenster chose the most difficult race version with its 64 different wind fields. This situation probably corresponded to their training area in the center of Muenster. Who won is not disclosed.

Sometimes "Team Race" is played on the PC on the Opti stand. The Tactical Sailing exhibition novelty sailed for four. Between three different formats (S-, Q-and entry-level course) can be chosen*.
Tactical Sailing has made this Team Race available because, in many respects, “it’s fun,” and it increases the “learning effect,” even if it’s only small teams, such as “Two on Two.” These are two answers from Chris Atkins, Chief Umpire IODA Team Racing European Ledro 2008. Team Race is developed for four boats – Two on Two. The buoys are to be rounded on either starboard or port side. The sequence Start-1-2-3-4-Finish Line corresponds to the course in an “S” or "Q" form, which is used at world and national championships. The wind conditions are "Wind 1x1" for beginners and "Wind 4x4" advanced sailors. The starting procedure begins with the countdown; the time can vary as desired between 1 and 6 minutes. Team Race is part of the Coach´s Toolbox, see a full description here. *Source and Foto: Birgitt Mueller-Genrich;