Slalom-Sailing - Olympic Discipline 2024?

Slalom Sailing as a possible new Olympic Discipline. Should "Slalom-Sailing" be accepted for the Paris 2024 Olympic Programme. For competing sailors it means shorter courses - like in skiing - with quick results, and for spectators exciting single and relay-races. Get a Tactical Sailing DEMO-Version for free here!

This idea is not new, in fact the first "Slalom" racing took place on the San Francisco bay in 1974 and was called the "Heavy-Weather-Laser-Slalom". It was revived in 2008 and in 2011 the first "Laser-Heavy-Weather-Championship" took place. This year it made a comeback and has inspired the Laser Class Association to propose it as a mixed event for the Paris 2024 Olympics. No matter how this proposal* will be received by the World Sailing Meeting in May 2019, the Laser Class is organising various "Slalom" events in Australia, San Francisco and Japan. This should be worth following up**

Get a Tactical Sailing DEMO-Version for free here and sail the "Heavy-Weather-Laser-Slalom" course on your PC or Mac.

Tactical Sailing already decided to include "Slalom-Sailing" simulations not just for fun, but also for training purposes sailing in time with the oscillating wind. The new software version uses the Laser Class course which the Association is proposing to the World Sailing Meeting. However, their "Mixed One Person Dinghy" proposal is, as a simulation, not only for a Laser, but also for Finn and Optimist. The "Mixed Two Boats Starting" makes it possible to "slalom" with 470s or other 2-crew boats. On the PC you have a range of up to 32 buoys to sail "slalom" with. It is possible to sail the course alone, or with a sparring-partner. Also two boats can compete against each other and directly compare the result. Tactical Sailing wishes the Laser Class Association every success with their proposal for "Slalom Sailing" as a new olympic discipline at the Paris Olympics 2024.

Abby Ehler, professional sailor from the Brunel-Team of Volco Ocean Race: "Slalom Sailing is ... to be in tune with the wind whilst sailing". Abby Ehler told us at the 'boot' in Düsseldorf: "I had the chance to try out the Tactical Sailing software and the slalom sailing was a unique experience. What it did require was for the player to be really tuned into the wind as it constantly shifted. This great training tool for coaching is in tune with the wind whilst sailing the boat at max speed. Abby: And just for the record, I won! :-) ... to Thomas Ehler (her husband): eat my dirt!!"

If you already have a license key, you can download a free update here. The game is a perfect gift, it can be downloaded directly from the internet (39 €), is available on CD (44 €) or with Extension Coach’s Toolbox (+20 €), "All in One" (59 € / 64 €). It runs on almost any computer (Windows, Linux, Mac). See the services at and order the game on our website as a download in the online store.

* Sourses: Proposal at World Sailing Meeting 2018 in Sarasota (Florida): Submission 045-18.
** SegelReporter, 02.11.2018 Carsten Kemmling: "Jetzt drehen sie durch".

Heavy-Weather-Laser-Slalom 2011 : You Tube video click here!

Laser Slalom proposal to the World Sailing Events Committee: You Tube video click here!

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