Speed up your VMG

Velocity Made Good (VMG): Optimized speed against the wind. The simulation of "Velocity Made Good (VMG)" will show you the practical way to more speed and better achievments.

The animation shows the sailed path and how the fastest speed (Beat VMG) always arises from the optimal combination between:
- Head up and bear off (red boat),
- Pointing and boat speed (green boat).

Cyril Auer- Opti Coach (SUI) says: The issue was really a success! I will definitely repeat. VMG has not overwhelmed the kids and positive side-effect, they realized how important even just 5 or 10 degree wind shifts are. "See his other seminars here.

Your advantage on your own boat is twofold: Instead of remaining in the tackle hanging out in the downdrafts, you can optimize your boat speed on the port tack and even get a tactical advantage in the next turn by the right of way with wind from starboard.

However, the theoretical background is explained. Boat speed depends on a 'Polar diagram' of a boat. VMG is mathematical a projection of boat speed, the VMG_angle between direction of the wind and the boat, multiplied with 'cos(VMG_angle)'. The Tactical Sailing animation displays the range of VMG as a colored bar on boats and highlighted bars on the sailed path.
The boat shows in the cockpit and on a tactical VMG display the values (KN): Wind speed, boat speed and Velocity Made Good (VMG).

The simulation of "Velocity Made Good (VMG)" is part of the Coach's Toolbox, an important extension for the complete program of "Tactical Sailing - Game&Tips". Naturally, all other sailors wanting to perfect their knowledge in strategy and tactics in order to be optimally prepared for the coming regattas, can use it as well. With the toolbox, you receive over 20 prepared scenarios "ready to run", which you can use to practice and expand your sailing capabilities at any time.  See all features of the Toolbox here.