The Winner is .... TACTICAL SAILING

We have a reason to celebrate! "Your project has been voted: Best Media Didactic. Out of more than 60 applicants, ‘Tactical Sailing’ is announced winner of the European Award for Technology Supported Learning - eureleA 2012!" We received the good news on January 31, 2012. Sailors could say, "We’ve got the Gold Medal!"

In Professor Henning’s speech, in honor of the “Tactical Sailing” project, he stated, "This Tactic and Strategy Game introduces a complete sequence of a sailing regatta. Beginners are guided gently into the first steps of sailing. The toolbox for coaches and integrated tutorial elements are also a huge part of this excellent didactical approach to a "Serious Game", as well as the impressive technical solutions with realistic modeling of wind and waves. Therefore, the jury of eureleA 2012 voted ‘Tactical Sailing’ as the ‘Best Practice Example’ of game-based learning. The jury hopes to see the same kind of compelling content with all its complexity in future products and has awarded the prize of ‘eureleA 2012 - Best Media Didactic’ to the “Tactical Sailing” project.

The eureleA - European Award for Technology Supported Learning - is a contest to identify outstanding projects from the complete spectrum of technology-supported learning and teaching. Since 2004, the winners of the eureleA have all been made well known in the community as a “Best Practice Example.” Learn more about eureleA 2012 here.

Prof. Dr. Peter A. Henning, the Head of the jury concluded, "... whenever we play, we learn too, it is part of our evolution."

Tactical Sailing

Here is a summary of our application: “Tactical Sailing” is an interactive tactical learning and training game in which the entire course of a sailing regatta is simulated. Though the use of the beginner’s tutorial, the basic knowledge conveying learn-modules and the toolbox for trainers, we’ve made it possible to explain complex topics - such as strategy and tactics - systematically and clearly. 
The internationally recognized American sailor, tactician and author David Dellenbaugh (America’s Cup) gave us access to 20 of his very own “Top Tips,” which we integrated animatedly into our educational computer game. The specific tips are presented in audio-visual form to increase the attention of students. The famous British coach, tactician, columnist and author Mark Rushall happens to also be a fan of our Coach-Box. With the help of this tool he can visually simulate the affects of changing winds. This excellent visualization of boats and shifting wind proves to the viewer the advantage of using a rule for persistent wind shifts. Our toolbox - developed especially for trainers, coaches and educators - has already been successfully integrated into theory instruction for young people worldwide.

Not only was it our goal to create an action-packed “serious game” with a challenging topic, but to also include an additional highly educational and fun factor. We were able to take internationally recognized young sailors “on board” with us, who are enthusiastic about this game and its many uses in the sailing world. These young enthusiasts include Philipp and Julian Autenrieth, former Opti- World Champions, as well as Marvin Frisch, German Champion 2011 in Opti.

Tactical Sailing Team: Paul, Christian and Sibylle
Dedicated teamwork, professional project management, compelling designs and perfect simulation technology have been the needed factors for success in order to communicate this complex educational topic in a playful yet constructive manner. The simulation of strategy and tactics in the regatta is a substitute for other complex scenarios. The perfected design and layout visualize the “invisible” wind, while the tactical rules are explained to the user. Hidden behind the clear design is an extremely intricate model and sophisticated technical concept. Through this simulation, we’ve made it possible to create a convincing and comprehensive portray of the wind’s meaning and complexity in regatta sport.

The product “Tactical Sailing”- A Game Against the Wind has been available on the market since April 2011 as CD- and downloadable versions. We have been receiving positive feedback and the best references from sailors and trainers from all over the world: from Finland, to Portugal and even to Australia. This tactical and educational game is available now in German of in English.