Turn under the Christmas tree, the game is awesome

A perfect Christmas gift, "the race game is awesome" says Nils Sternbeck, vice world champion in Opti 2013. Play and "turn or tack" under the Christmas tree, you can sail to Fourth, the braised beef in the oven will turn in the meantime someone else.

Nils is an experienced racing sailor, he "shortened the waiting time with friends at races until it starts. Playing Team Race together on a PC, control four boats is fun"! When should I tack? He also discusses this question with his team-mates, both know the tactical tips of the game. And another tip for "Velocity" (VMG) helps him to let his boat run best speed when he turned against the wind.

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 The game is available as a CD (44 Euro) or direct download (39 Euro); it operates on almost every computer system (Windows, Linux, Mac). See all feature on Game&Tips and place an order in our online shop.
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