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No time for hibernation!

With "Tactical Sailing" it is possible, even in winter, to sail "at home"! With the heating on, there is no chance of a cold red nose or stiff frozen fingers, it even feels like summer! Tactical finesse and tricks can still be...[more]

Sailing and Maths - do they fit together?

The answer is simple: Yes they do! Julia G., a German high school graduate, proved this when she wrote her term paper with the title: "Mathematical and Strategical Observation of the Up and Down Regatta Course".[more]

Maths are stupid - except for geometry

"I sometimes practice maths with my girls and their usual reaction is: maths are stupid except for geometry! But it is precisely geometry that can awaken their interest in sailing theory. And vice versa, with children who are...[more]

Slalom-Sailing - Olympic Discipline 2024?

Slalom Sailing as a possible new Olympic Discipline. Should "Slalom-Sailing" be accepted for the Paris 2024 Olympic Programme. For competing sailors it means shorter courses - like in skiing - with quick results, and for...[more]

Beware of “Gusts“ and “Lulls“! A battle of nerves right up to the finish line!

A completely new Simulation-Feature: “gusts“ and “lulls“, which experienced regatta sailors asked us to devise for training the Sailing Champions League teams has been developed. These regattas often take place on inland lakes...[more]

Coach training in Berlin, learning to sail and learn tactics

Learning to sail with ease - is that even possible? Yes, because: "... whenever we play, we also learn - that is part of our evolution." Prof. Dr. med. Peter A. Henning, scientific director of LEARNTEC, in his laudatory speech...[more]

J / 70 - and Tactical Sailing at the boat show in Düsseldorf - boot 2018!

In Hall 15 / G21 a virtual J / 70 can be viewed on the PC and in parallel - as a kind of real comparison - a J / 70 from the "Murtfeldt Sailing Team". Tactical Sailing, this year at the exhibition stand of the class association,...[more]