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Beat the Wind - Sailing under the Christmas tree

Those who do not want to miss out on their favorite sport during the holidays can initiate a sailing regatta under the Christmas tree with the family or friends, thanks to a new game variation from "Tactical Sailing". Tactical...[more]

"Digital Media" - fresh wind in Sailing

If you also want to navigate a sailboat virtually, "Tactical Sailing" is definitely a "must have". With its multitude of simulations and a toolbox specially developed for the coach work, it offers perfect training possibilities...[more]

DSV-Coaches train Tactic with Tactical Sailing

There was advanced training for licenced coaches A/B at the German Sailors Association (DSV) in Kiel - Schilksee. Ulf Denecke, Head of Training, took "tactics" as a topic in the programm, and invited Paul Gerbecks, Innovator of...[more]

Download new version of "Tactical Sailing" for free!

Devised especially for teaching "Juniors" (7-8 years), the new version of the "Coach's Toolbox" has developed a section for "beginners". Also there is important news for "sailing experts". "Tactical Sailing" has an additional...[more]

J / 70 - now available for launching with "Tactical Sailing"

This Boat Class just can't be disregarded in the World of Racing today. Our virtual J / 70 is not only equipped with all the technical specifications but also has the size and speed of the original*.[more]

Jochen Schümann about Chance and Risk

Jochen Schümann, a prominent visitor at the "boot 2017" in Düsseldorf and much sought after interview guest, took time to visit "Tactical Sailing" and get the latest information regarding the program that he and our Tactical...[more]

Slalom Sailing - endless fun!

Like the traditional Slalom in winter sport, the aim here is to reach the finish line first and win with the fastest time. It´s not easy to get through the narrow Slalom Sailing. The buoys are set just like slalom gates on a ski...[more]