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Simon Diesch & Philipp Autenrieth - 470 German Champion 2016

Although they have only been training together a short time they are already very successful. Simon (21) from the Wurttemberg Yacht Club and his crew Philipp (26) from the Bavarian Yacht Club are the 470-German National Champions...[more]

Mat Belcher & Will Ryan win Silver in Rio

Mat Belcher, well known to Tactical Sailing for his advice on strategy and tactic and his crew Will Ryan won the Silver Medal for Australia in the Men's 470 class on 18.8.2016 in Rio de Janeiro. It was an exciting race as Doug...[more]

Meeting Sir Ben Ainslie

In Duesseldorf, we met and spoke about "Tactical Sailing" with Ben Ainslie from the "Land Rover Sailing Academy" which promotes talented young sailors. With the coach Toolbox, we offer a very useful tool to teach tactical...[more]

Coach Lutz about Digital Media for Optimist training

"Tactical Sailing's Coach -Tool" is a great enrichment to theoretical training, for both beginners and experienced sailors."[more]

Abby Ehler‪: "'See' gain and loss, tack to tack."

"The software TacticalSailing is a great tool to help youngsters (and us oldies) to 'see' gain and loss, tack to tack / gybe to gybe. It plays out what happens on the water on a screen, great for those that find it hard to...[more]

Gain and Risk - a clear decision

The latest version of the Coach's Toolbox now contains the simulation "Gain and Risk". Your readiness to assume risks, pays off so much better when the risk is higher than the potential gain to win. "Tactical Sailing" is...[more]

The game is cool ...!

"The game is cool! You can learn tactics quickly while having fun". So enthusiastic were the brothers Philipp and Julian Autenrieth, Optimist World Champion, five years ago when they first tried out the new educational game...[more]