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Bug Report

Actual status - March 2016

There are currently no problems unsolved (as of March 2016). Tactical Sailing software is tested when computer manufacturers change their operating systems (Mac, Windows, Linux). In some cases it may be subject to adjustments, which we publish here in order to maintain the compatibility.
Following are bugs are reported and are fixed:

  • Mac: The menu display and structure's animations are very slow (November 2014).
    o Selection of Main Menu and sub menu open and close slowly.
  • Mac and Windows: Coach Toolbox – 4 players, all scenes with 4 boats (March 2016).
    o If 4 players hit the keys, boats do not respond to the keystroke.
    • New key assignment for one boat: keys 'K-L' instead of 'Arrow' left <- and -> right!

All bugs are fixed. A solution to the problem is always be posted on our website "Tactical Sailors Lounge". In all cases, the error was rectified quickly and resolved by a software update, see UPDATE here.