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Four players - Keys do not react

When 4 players hit the keys, boats do not respond to the keystroke.

Solution of problem: NEW key assingment letters K und L for boat 1
Update the software to latest version here.

The error is fixed. Make an update to latest version 1.160.316 or higher, there are the changes implemented to take effect. Download the latest software here. At all games for 4 players the keys are: K and L used for fine control of the boat 1. The arrow  buttons are no longer used in games for 4 players. In all other games for 2 players the arrow buttons are still enabled. Look always at menue window "Info" to see assignment of keys.

Mac keyboard with arrow buttons at bottom right corner

Cause: The arrow buttons (arrow left and right) are not equal processed with letters and numbers, but preferably processed in the operating system / program. The option settings "repeat" of the duration of key stroke may also have an effect. There are usually following buttons to control the 4 boats used. Example of key assingment:

Boat 1: arrow <- left and right arrow -> (Arrow buttons)
NEW since 16.03.2016: use letter keys: 'K and L' instead of arrow keys.
Boat 2: 8 and 9
Boat 3: X and V
Boat 4: 1 and 2

Normally: Click once on the key, then the boat changes its direction of travel.
Special case: If you hold the key pressed down, then the boat drives "in the circle".
Work around: Do NOT hold the key pressed. Click once, release, click again.

Error: If the player 1 of boat 1 takes the "arrow" button held down, then all other keys may be blocked and the three boats of the other players do not react.
Mac users: This effect occurs especially in keyboards of MAC laptops or external desktop keyboards.

Which short cuts can I use?

Short cuts are for example: ESC, space, P, W, S, A, F and left or right arrow. For changing wind direction use keys: N and M. In game modus "Boat Against Boat" use to control 4 boats by keys: X, V, K, L, 1, 2, 8, 9. The Coach´s Toolbox offers more keys for boat control,use keys R, G, B. See Menu <HELP> inside the game and see window "Info" for a description .

Download a list of short cuts here. (.PDF)

"Arrow keys left and arrow right" are acticated in all games with 2 boats, they are replaced in all games with 4 boats by keys: K-L (as of March 2016). User keys "K and L" instead!

List of Short Cuts