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Short cuts

Which short cuts can I use?

Short cuts are for example: ESC, space, P, W, S, A, F and left or right arrow. For changing wind direction use keys: N and M. In game modus "Boat Against Boat" use to control 4 boats by keys: X, V, K, L, 1, 2, 8, 9. The Coach´s Toolbox offers more keys for boat control,use keys R, G, B. See Menu <HELP> inside the game and see window "Info" for a description .

Download a list of short cuts here. (.PDF)

"Arrow keys left and arrow right" are acticated in all games with 2 boats, they are replaced in all games with 4 boats by keys: K-L (as of March 2016). User keys "K and L" instead!

List of Short Cuts