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Kristian Wannagat

Catamaran-, Yacht- (Bavaria 49) and IOM-Sailor

Kristian Wannagat

Kristian´s tips are made from his trips to the bay of Pollensa and Formentore (Spain). He sailed Tactical Sailing Games of Pollensa Racing Cup and the Cup Formentore in optimal time. His sailed pathes on two courses includes a cost line race are mpresented as a good example. Kristian is always busy - either  on tactical trainings on his Linux-Laptop or he buildes International One Meter (IOM) Yachts with his son Martin.

3:40.9 Regatta-1
3:34.3 Regatta-2
3:30.9 Regatta-3
3:25.8 best time

Sail & Surf Pollensa: Racing to Cap Formentore (Mallorca, Spain)

Kristian W. "Racing to Cap Formetore is great fun!! Today I first arrived - lucky day - at all the buoys in front of the other boat, but in the end I was second to cross the finish line! What did I do wrong on the last tack towards the finish line?"

Bay of Pollensa and Formentore with racing marks
Green came in first, sparring partner finished in 5:02,2
Red crossed finish line first, a good course in 4:24,9
Best time: 4:14,1: Kristian

Wind 8x8 tiles - extrem komplex - and Gardasee

Time: 3:15,0
Time: 3:14,5
Time: 3:11,5
Gardssee: 3:47,7

International One Meter (IOM) Yacht