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Send an e-mail and you get an update to actual version for free

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If you are a licensed user, you can get an update free of charge to the actual version. Send us an e-mail and write down your license key and your operating system (Windows, Mac OS X or Linux) to . We will send a link to download latest version. Look at your program menu <Help> <Version> <Program> and see the number displayed at your system.

Actual software version for Tactic Game and Coach's Toolbox is:
1.190.116 (as of October, 23; 2019; 23.10.2019 "Notarized").

Version.No-Build No: x.yyy.zzz New functions, features, enhancements and bug fixes.

Updates/Upgrades/Add on  2019____________________________________________________

1.190.116 Mac Apple OSX 10.15 Catalina: Notarized on 23.10.2019
1.190.116 Calculation of optimal Speed and Pointing adjusted.
                 Excercise "Switch-Point" with new Option to display intersection "Mark".

Updates/Upgrades/Add on  2018____________________________________________________

1.181.114 New Slalom - format with new "Olympic course"
                Coach's Toolbox: New Switch Point simulation and option for wind axis
1.180.211 Coach's Toolbox: New Wind Simulation: Gusts and Lulls,
                 Switch-Point Simulation,
                 Velocity Made Good towards Course (VMC-Simulation),

Updates/Upgrades/Add on  2017____________________________________________________

1.171.101 Coach's Toolbox new functions for: Juniors in "Boat against Boat"
1.171.026 Coach's Toolbox new functions for:
                  additional virtual Wind System-2.
1.170.723 Coach's Toolbox with more functions for:
                  Beginners - first time sailing -
                  simple excercises luff up and bear away,
                  Sailing Champions League format with15 minutes flight and
                  randomly wind conditions for training,
                  Reward and risk for practice and experts with new option for:
                  gain and loss.
1.170.327 J/70 lauched, Speed optimized (Downwind at 180°)
1.170.318 New Boat: J/70 (Prototyp Beta version released)
1.170.211 World Sailing Rules 2017-2020 update, Champions league and more SLALOM courses
1.170.119 NEW: SLALOM Sailing - endless fun! Turbulent, random oscillating winds;
                 Mac installation simplified; Program code signed, security aspects at "Gatekeeper" met

Updates/Upgrades/Add on  2016____________________________________________________

1.160.316 Mac-Problem with 4 players solved, new shorts cuts: keys K-L,
                 Download list of short cuts here.
1.160.114 Gain and Risk Simulation, boats Finn, 29, 49 speed optimization

Updates/Upgrades/Add on  2015____________________________________________________

1.150.115 New boat: FAREAST 31F; Start scenes OCS optimized
1.150.110 New Toolbox functions: Fleet&Match Race with 4 boats,
1.150.110 New Toolbox functions: My own regatta 6 buoys lay out, Chance - Risk

Updates/Upgrades/Add on  2014____________________________________________________ 1.141.114 Mac User OS X: Performance improvement on animations of main menu (faster).
1.141.112 Tips and Toolbox with shifting, oscillating winds now with wind ladder displayed.

Updates/Upgrades/Add on 2013_____________________________________________________

1.131.123 Velocity Made Good (VMG) in Tips and Toolbox and scene on San Francisco Bay
1.131.111 Windows 8: Performance improvement on animations (menu games and options)
1.130.912 Mac OS X 10.8: Performance improvement on animations (menu games and options)
1.130.820 Demo function menu optimised
1.130.703 Text according to World Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing 2013-2016 in Tips updated
1.130.408 Installation of Tactical_Sailing_Icon on desktop
1.130.402 Optimized installation packet for Windows, Mac and Linux
1.130.118 Add On Coach´s Toolbox, extension of Games and Tips released for purchase.

Updates/Upgrades 2012___________________________________________________________

1.121.204 New boat: Finn Dinghy
1.121.110 TP52 Wind, Tunings
1.121.028 Coach Toolbox with Team Race
1.121.010 Coach Toolbox new functions at Zone
1.121.004 Coach Toolbox new functions at Downwind mark (Gate), Fleet- and Match Races
1.120.921 Coach Toolbox new functions at Starting line and up wind mark
1.120.730 Protest account for detection of "On Course Side (OCS)"
1.120.711 Protest account for hitting "Boat Against Boat" and "Boat Against Buoy"
1.120.707 Tips for Right of Way
1.120.701 A new Maxi-Yacht Transpac TP 52
1.120.626 Upgrade: "Boat Against Boat"
1.120.422 More colors to choose on boats selection
1.120.417 Two new boats: International Class of Kiel- and Schwertzugvogel.
1.120.107 Option View/Wind/Region is switched to ON as a standard feature.

Updates 2011___________________________________________________________
1.110.523 Coach Toolbox new function at Starting line
1.110.602 Coach Toolbox new function for fleet strategy
1.110.622 Coach Toolbox new function for Long leg an lay line
1.110.701 Coach Toolbox new function for a tactical point to tack
1.110.705 * Mac-Systems: Tactical Sailing Icon on desktop linked
1.110.708 Video shows for Sailing Clubs, -academies, Class associations, Resellers, Distributors
1.110.711 Coach Toolbox new functions: First beat an skewed course
1.110.721 Play the Wind, change the wind direction yourself: My Wind 1x1 and 3x3
1.110.725 Take on the Wind, set starting and finishing line, buoys - as you like, turn the wind
1.110.731 Exercise Speed or pointing
1.110.825 Help for new functions
1.111.001 Play the Wind: My Wind 1x1, turning at buoy 3 for sparring partner corrected
1.111.126 A new boat: Korsar
1.111.208 ** Mac-Systems OS X 10.6 and 10.7: All Wind Regions are now displayed as "blue-lines".
End    2011__________________________________________________________________

* Mac-User:
Spezial notes for update version 1.110.705 or later for Mac-users see here.
**Spezial notes for update version 1.111.208, see FAQ / Latest info/ note 29 .