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Upgrade Boat Against Boat

Upgrade free of charge "Boat Against Boat" available since 2012

If you are a user of "A Game Against the Wind" and have purchased before June 2012, you can download an upgrade for free. Beginning from 26.06.2012 "Boat Against Boat" is always included in the software. You realize the game variant "Boat Against Boat" at program start, and on the two compasses left and right on the menu. The installed version number on your computer can be seen inside the game running, select the main menu: <HELP><version><program>. Compare your version number with the version numbers beginning 2012 in our list of updates. Your license key is still valid for this upgrade. We will send a link to the actual software, so you can download it for free. Send an e-mail to telling us your license key and which operating system - Windows, Mac or Linux - you are using.

Program startup
Two compasses
HELP/ Versions number