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NEWS: New software version 02. July 2021 "Cross-Tack-Duck" - The "port-starboard encounter"

Click to request an update! New scenes for the simulation of the "Cross-Tack-Duck in the Coach's Toolbox. "On a superficial view, the meeting of two sailors with wind from different sides on the upwind course seems very simple – the sailor with wind from starboard has the 'Right of Way', who has to dodge with wind from port", is how Tilo Schnekenburger describes the "port-starboard encounter".  
For the strategically and tactically thinking regatta sailor, "Cross – Tack – Duck" is a highly complex decision-making situation. The view of the solution of the right of way situation is secondary. Much more important is the view of the strategic-tactical situation after the solution of the right-of-way situation, are the positions on the regatta area, e.g. near the finish line or the windward mark. But also, in comparison to near and far opponents, they might 'attack' or 'defend' their position.

Games & Tips

An interactive regatta simulation for playing and learning. Strategy, tactics and simulation! Fun for everyone who wants more than just sailing! Tactical Tips offer a broad selection of very valuable tips – including basic rules for the right of way.

Coach's Toolbox

With the toolbox, you receive over 30 prepared scenarios "ready to run", which you can use to practice as a beginner or expand your sailing capabilities at any time.


Order Tactical Sailing in Online shops. Payments can be made by credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, etc. at the market places listed. Tactical Sailing Software runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Tactical tips are also available on iOS and andoid.

A "Game Against the Wind" and "Boat Against Boat". 
Sailing for beginner and advanced racers! Beginners can take their first steps in sailing, as we show how a boat can sail against the wind. Tactical Sailing developed a "Wind Simulator", which offers to practice your skills. Is this your first time steering a boat? Tactical Sailing shows how you can "tack" against the wind to move your boat as fast as possible upwind. You´ll have twice the fun with Tactical Sailing.

Tips: The standard program offers Tactical Tips,  a broad selection of very valuable tips – including basic rules for the right of way as defined by „World Sailing (ISAF)“. The program includes a learning module with more than 40 tips to sail "Against the Wind" or "Boat Against Boat".

NEW! Exercises for "beginners, regatta sailors and experts". All exercises are now in one place - making them easier to find and operate. With 1-click operation, the most important tactical tips - from start to finish line - are summarized in a new category 'Tips-Tactics'.
Coach's Toolbox (Stand alone or All in One) is an important extension within the overall program of "Tactical Sailing - Games&Tips". Naturally, all other sailors wanting to perfect their knowledge in strategy and tactics in order to be optimally prepared for the coming regattas, can use it as well.

Parlez-vous français ? Bienvenue à Tactical Sailing en français ! Télécharger les documents EN LANGUE FRANÇAISE !

Operating instructions available in several languages

In addition to the standard versions in German, English and Spanish, the operating instructions and supplementary documents are available for free download in other languages (FRA, ITA, POL, RUS). Furthermore, a dictionary with 400 words in 12 languages has been compiled for "Tactical Sailing" by experienced coaches from all over the world.

FRA - Premiers pas !

Bienvenue à Tactical Sailing en français ! Télécharger les documents FRA - Premiers pas !
Télécharger le programme dans "Downloads".

ITA - Primi passi!

Benvenuti a Tactical Sailing in Italiano! Scarica i documenti ITA - Primi passi!
Scaricare il programma in "Downloads".

POL - Wprowadzenie do programu!

Witamy na Sailingu Taktycznym w języku Polsce! 
Jako dodatek do "Tactical Sailing" w trzech tłumaczeniach oferujemy również małe wprowadzenie do programu w języku Polsce!
Pobierz program w "Downloads".

RUS - Добро пожаловать в тактический парусный спорт на русском языке!

Добро пожаловать в тактический парусный спорт на русском языке! 
В качестве дополнения к "Тактическому парусному спорту" в трех переводах мы также предлагаем небольшое введение в программу на русском языке!
Скачать программу можно в разделе "Downloads".

ENG - Dictionary with nearly 400 words available in 12 languages!

A "Tactical Sailing - Dictionary" with nearly 400 words available in following languages:

  • German, English, Spanish, Argentinean, Italian, French, Swedish, Portugues, Polish, Greek, Russian, Ukrainian.

Download here!

Mac Big Sur

Mac User Note for update to Mac OS X 11 "Big Sur".

If there is no compelling reason to switch from Catalina to Big Sur, then I recommend NOT updating Mac OS X 11 "Big Sur" for the time being. But if nessecary, then see more information here.

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