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Latest News: "Together Against Corona" - "Tactical Sailing" is also participating with a reduced price for families: 9,99 €

Now that schools have been closed and all sports cancelled, our "Tactical Sailing" team have devised a special "Family Version" of our game for everyone forced to stay at home.
With "Tactical Sailing - a Game Against the Wind" you can play - all day! - together with your family at home, on your PC/Mac! You can:

  • play alone and sail against your computer with a ranking list for the best record, 
  • play in pairs - sail and train with your brother or sister, 
  • or even as a foursome with your parents with our extra "Bumper- Sailing".

In our "Game Against the Wind" you will find a regatta simulation, measuring the best record for a ranking list which will be released on our website. Additionally, our "Tactical Saling" team is establishing an internet "online group" where useful tips and regatta results will be published. It is also possible, for those interested, to take part in an "online workshop" accompanied by a coach. (e.g.: per "Skype" or "Facebook") For the following weeks to come, make use of our unique regatta simulation offer:

  • at a specially reduced price of 9,99€ ( standard price: 39€/59€). Order here!

Our contribution to the current Corona situation: For a limited period of time (until the end of April) we are pleased to offer families the opportunity - together with their children - to have fun at home "sailing" with "Tactical Sailing - a Game Against the Wind" for only 9,99€! Please send your email to: office[at]TacticalSailing.com (keyword: "family licence), give us the number of your "home sailors": 1,2 or 4 family members. If you are interested in our free "online workshop" please answer (yes or no), and the computer that will be running Tactical Sailing: Windows, Mac or Linux? The shop will gladly send you the information needed to obtain your special licence key and to install software. Our "Tactical Sailing" team is looking forward to hearing from you, send information to access to the "workshop".

TS Team Paul Gerbecks

"Tactical Sailing's" first Family ONLINE Workshop: with 35 families taking part - altogether a hundred participants! "

"Super idea to make a Workshop during such a stupid time.
We'd usually be on Lake Garda now - but for obvious reasons we're not! This has been a great alternative!"

ITALIANO: “Uniti contro il Coronavirus!” – anche “Tactical Sailing” vuole fare la sua parte! Un’offerta speciale 9,99 €

ITALIANO: Comunicato stampa “Uniti contro il Coronavirus!” – anche “Tactical Sailing” vuole fare la sua parte! Ora che le scuole sono chiuse, le attività e gli eventi sportivi annullati e i contatti aldilà delle nostre quattro mura ridotti, offriamo un’offerta speciale del nostro pacchetto pensata per le famiglie che purtroppo si trovano confinate a casa. Con “Tactical Sailing - Gioca contro il vento!” puoi giocare con tutta la famiglia da PC/MAC. Ordina qui! 

Games & Tips

An interactive regatta simulation for playing and learning. Strategy, tactics and simulation! Fun for everyone who wants more than just sailing! Tactical Tips offer a broad selection of very valuable tips – including basic rules for the right of way.

Coach's Toolbox

With the toolbox, you receive over 30 prepared scenarios "ready to run", which you can use to practice as a beginner or expand your sailing capabilities at any time.


Order Tactical Sailing in Online shops. Payments can be made by credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, etc. at the market places listed. Tactical Sailing Software runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Tactical tips are also available on iOS and andoid.

Games & Tips

A "Game Against the Wind" and "Boat Against Boat". 
Sailing for beginner and advanced racers! Beginners can take their first steps in sailing, as we show how a boat can sail against the wind. Tactical Sailing developed a "Wind Simulator", which offers to practice your skills. Is this your first time steering a boat? Tactical Sailing shows how you can "tack" against the wind to move your boat as fast as possible upwind. You´ll have twice the fun with Tactical Sailing.

Tips: The standard program offers Tactical Tips,  a broad selection of very valuable tips – including basic rules for the right of way as defined by „World Sailing (ISAF)“. The program includes a learning module with more than 40 tips to sail "Against the Wind" or "Boat Against Boat".

Coach's Toolbox

NEW! Exercises for "beginners, regatta sailors and experts". All exercises are now in one place - making them easier to find and operate. With 1-click operation, the most important tactical tips - from start to finish line - are summarized in a new category 'Tips-Tactics'.
Coach's Toolbox (Stand alone or All in One) is an important extension within the overall program of "Tactical Sailing - Games&Tips". Naturally, all other sailors wanting to perfect their knowledge in strategy and tactics in order to be optimally prepared for the coming regattas, can use it as well.

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