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Print all Tips

Q: Read and print? Can I get a printout of tips?
A: Yes, there is a corresponding documentation of tips. But first: Watch the animation of tips in the App; the simulated scenes are very impressive.
Click here for a download of the pdf file. You can display, print out or send as an e-mail.

Notes and FAQ

I’m finding that audio works for some tips only

Q: I’m finding that audio works for some tips (for example, “Sail the longer tack first”), but there is no audio for tips under Speed, Right of Way Rules, Advanced Racking Tactic, etc.?
A: This is not a bug in the app. This is a limitation on design and memory allocation is restricted by Apple iTunes (< 150 MB) for video without/without audio, which we had to make compromises. Three Tactical Tips are commented by voice, all other tips are animations and have a text window explaining details. Especially for the iPhone the font is too small to read, so you can use the a .pdf file to read tips here.

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