The normal "set up" needs three clicks only and the game runs!

1. Stay on the website and start downloading the software file from the side: Downloads/Program
2. "Click" and Extract - unzip the file or TS_install.dmg (ca. 80 MB).
3. Run the setup file with "click" on the TS_setup.exe or

For experts: Look for or ..._installer.dmg in download folder:

Windows: (ca. 79 MB, unzip using
Win_TS_en_setup.exe (this is the installation program!)

Mac_TS_en_installer.dmg (ca. 50 MB, unzip) (ca. 68 MB, this is the installation program!)

Linux: (ca. 40MB, unzip)
Linux_TS_en.exe (ca. 68 MB, this is the installation program!)

Demo versions or special editions

For all demos and special editions, the same principle applies to installation, but the file names are matched and have a supplement in the file name, eg: or Mac_TS_Edition_Autenrieth_en_installer.dmg

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