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Coach's Toolbox 2.0

With the toolbox, you receive prepared scenarios "ready to run", which you can use to practice as a beginner or expand your sailing capabilities at any time. For beginner you learn basic knowledge, luv up, bear away, tack, jibe or optimise boat speed. Naturally, all other sailors wanting to perfect their knowledge in strategy and tactics in order to be optimally prepared for the coming regattas, can use it as well.

NEW!  Categories  for "Beginners, Juniors, Regatta Sailor and Experts" and "Tips-Tactics" with 1-click operation.

  • All exercises in version 2.0 (as of 20 March 2020) arranged in one place - and therefore easier to find and use.
  • With 1-click operation, the most important tactical tips - from start to finish line - are summarized in a new category "Tips-Tactics". 
  • The Coach's Toolbox is a "Stand alone" or "All in One" packet" an important extension for the complete program of "Tactical Sailing - Games&Tips".
  • Four sailors - four boats (Multiplayer) can sail a regatta in Fleet-, Match- and Team race as well as Sailing Champions League format.
  • Team Race with course in "S" and "Q" format and tactics: Tricky tactical tips for your team, such as attacking, hindering, giving 'space' or forcing 'space'.
  • Regattatraining with different wind strengths selectable, wind regions 1x1 to 8x8, constant or random, shifting and oscillating with gusts and lulls. Wind fields with left-right rotation.
  • Up to 10 boats are your competitors in tactical exercises at the start, the buoys and the finish line.
  • You can choose between a Opti, Laser, Finn, 420er, 470er, Korsar, Kiel- and Centerboard-Zugvogel, H-Boat, 29er, 49er, J/70, Fareast 31R or TP 52, all of which are comfortably equipped.

Team Race Tactics

Tricky tactical tips for your team, such as attacking, hindering, giving 'space' or forcing 'space'. Also at Tactical Sailing, we offer the formats of Team Racing - 2 vs. 2 or 3 vs. 3 boats - a lot of communication, excitement and lots of suspense, because "...everything is open until the end", says Mathias Rebholz (International Judge).

Effective tools for all levels of training

Many qualified coaches already use this special Coach's Toolbox in their work with the "Tactical Sailing" program. Through use of the various animations, attention and concentration are verifiably boosted, and the single sequences can be individually changed as needed. The toolbox is a very effective tool at one's disposal for the design of seminars, lectures and workshops for all educational levels.
There are the Coach's Highlights and the large Coach's Toolbox.

Coach's Highlights - 20 exercises as an introduction to 'tactics', start with one click

With one "click", the coach can repeatedly call up the simulation of a regatta scene and discuss it with the sailors. Train the ability to make decisions on the regatta field, such as. 

  • Start phase, wind conditions, risk assessment, attack-defence, right of way, finish line and performance analysis.

Strategic and tactical decisions in regatta sailing are made in a similar way to classic "risk management". Already at the starting line, the sailor has to decide for the right or left side of the regatta field. Jochen Schümann, Germany's most successful sailor, agrees: "The physics of sailing permanently forces a clear decision."

Coach's Toolbox - 100 exercises - Full version 'All in One'

Overview of features:

Tactical Sailing for Junior, Racing sailor and Expert

Basics of regatta sailing in different wind conditions - basic knowledge for optimal steering of a sailing boat, strategy and tactics against the wind
Tactical situations from start to finish - Starting line with preferred side - Starting line with early start control - On Course Side (OCS) - first beat - screwed course - windward and leeward marks - feld tactics upwind and downwind - zone and overlap - stretch bow and lashing line - speed and altitude - finish

Special tactical situations for experts - up to 10 boats
"Tactics against the wind" - Chance of a short cut - Risk of extension - Gain and loss 
"Tactic boat against boat" - Multi Player 10 boats - starting phase with 10 boats - windward buoy with 10 boats - lee buoys - gate - with 10 boats - right of way - protest and jury - Fleet Race - Match Race

Regatta training - four boats - four sailors at the start (multi-player 4 players): fleet, match and team race, sailing Bundesliga format. Several training levels Wind 1x1 to 4x4 - start phase with count down and "On Course side control(OCS)" - windward buoy - lee buoys - zone and overlap - course marker room - right of way - protest and jury - regatta training selectable at different wind speeds, - wind 1x1 to 8x8, constant or random, with gusts and calm. -
My regatta, set your own course, 6 buoys, 4 boats

"Team Race" for four boats - "Two against two" - course in "Q or S" form, as it is also usual for a world or national championship. Additional exercises for Team Race tactics.
"Sailing Champions league" - 4 boats - 4 clubs train for the league. The TS model of the J/70 was developed on the basis of the polar diagram belonging to the boat type and is therefore identical to a real J/70 in its sailing characteristics. Regattas can be started with 2 or 4 boats (game mode: "boat against boat"). 

Download the detailed list of feature description of the Coach's Toolbox here.
The Coach's Toolbox 'Full Version' is a "stand alone" or "All in One" package that is an important addition to the overall program of "Tactical Sailing - Games&Tips plus Toolbox".

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Recommended System requirements

Windows PC (XP, VISTA, Win 7, 8, 10 and 11), Linux OS or Mac OS X Version 10.7 or higher; Lion, El Captain, Sierra, up to Catalina with Java Standard Edition 6. See notes for Apple M1/M2 chip and OS X 11/12/13 Big Sur/Monterey/Ventura or higher here. Internet connection only required for downloading the current software and to activate the license key, then the program can be started without Internet. Screen size: 1024x768 Pixel (4:3 Format), Graphics card 512 MB, Sound-mp3, Pentium-4, 1GB RAM, 290 MB disc space, Keyboard - or Mouse, Mouse-wheel recommended, Game Pad with programmable keys suitable.


"Your project has been voted: Best Media Didactic. Out of more than 60 applicants, Tactical Sailing is winner of the European Award for Technology Supported Learning - eureleA 2012!" This good news came in on 31.01.2012. Sailors would say: "We got Gold Medal!"


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