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Training with Tactical Sailing

Many sailors use the Coach Toolbox, it is suitable for beginners, and also experienced regatta sailors as well as for all sailors who want to improve their knowledge of strategy and tactics. In the programme, sailors learn how to best prepare for regattas, alone, with friends or a coach. The toolbox contains various scenarios - "Ready to Run" - with which you can practice and expand your tactical skills at any time. These include:

  • Fair Sailing - Right of Way Knowledge
  • Fast sailing - achieving optimum boat speed
  • Perfect starting manoeuvres - count down at the start line
  • Tactical manoeuvres in the regatta field - Using areas of strategic-tactical decisions in the regatta field
  • Successful finish - Defending the position against the opponent

The "Optimist" is the entry into regatta sailing for most sailors. This is followed by larger boats such as the Laser, Finn or one decides to sail in a team in the 420, 470, 29er, 49er or even with the J/70, all of which can be used for training in "Tactical Sailing".

Jonny Seekamp - Successful already at the age of 10

  • "Tactical Sailing is a great way to train tactics:
    Team racing with the family, two against friends, or playing alone against the PC."

2021 Youngest sailor (10 years) at the Int. championship Optimist with a super result: 
Two 1st places and 6th overall!
2023 At only 12 years of age, Jonny reaches 92nd place at the World Championships out of a total of 256 participants. In the 9 races he even achieves an 11th and 14th place at the top of the world's best Opti sailors!
2023 1st place at the Stoertebeker Opti Cup.
2023 1st place in the U13 (under 13 years) classification, 10th place overall German Championship IDJM (GER 1902). This IDJM will certainly be the rainiest ever ... Unbelievable. (Source: Birgitt Genrich https://www.opticlass.de/news/ )

Jonny Seekamp 1st - German Youth Champion U13 Optimist 2023

German Youth Champion Under 13: Jonny Seekamp (GER 1902). New German Youth Champion (IDJM) of the Optimists is Noah Schweichler, the runner-up title was won by Lukas Wagner. Best girl of the IDJM is Lea-Marie Winkler. "This IDJM will definitely be the rainiest ever ... unbelievable!". See IDJM-report here.

Jonny Seekamp 1st - Ocean sailing off Helgoland - Stoertebeker Opti Cup 2023

The Opti A classification was won by Jonny Seekamp (WVH) after five races with a one point lead from Johan Müller (BSC) and Hanno Gewinn (MSC).The Stoertebeker Opti Cup (SOC), organised every year by the Blankeneser Segel Club (BSC) and the Wassersportclub Helgoland (WSCH) on the high seas island of Helgoland, is unique in the regatta calendar of German opti sailors. As the only regatta held on the open sea, it is considered the unofficial German Offshore Championship for OptimistsReport Harald Müller; Fotos: Christian Beeck

Successful Optimist sailors report on their experience with Tactical Sailing

Julian Autenrieth

"The game is cool, you can learn tactics quickly and have fun at the same time!"
World Champion 2006 in Optimist.

Marvin Frisch

"I think it's great because of the different boats, modes, difficulties, etc.!"
Comment: "Could you go into more detail about right of way rules, like port bow over starboard bow? I think that also makes an important tactical difference in regatta sailing!"
2010 World Championship Optimist 5th place
2011 German Optimist Champion

Roko Mohr

"Almost as cool as sailing yourself! You don't get wet and you don't freeze! The game puts you in a good mood!"
2013 German Junior Champion U 13 in Optimist / 3rd place overall
2014 Best German at the Intern. German Championship / 2nd place overall
2016 German Champion Optimist

Jonny Seekamp

"With Tactical Sailing I can train tactics very well". 2023 1st place in the U13 classification, 10th place overall in the German IDJM championship.

Nils Sternbeck

"The game is brilliant! Playing together as a foursome, four boats - two against two, is a lot of fun!"
Vice World Champion 2016 in Optimist.

Daniela Bartelheimer

"Sailing is fun even in the calm wind!"
2015 German Champion Optmist

Mic Mohr

"I travelled to the World Championship in Thailand with little luggage, but Tactical Sailing was there."
2017 German Champion Optimist
2017 3rd place at the world championship
2019 1st place in the annual rankings

Florian Krauß

"I really enjoy playing Tactical Sailing to keep fit! Especially with the new slalom function, you learn to react well and quickly to wind shifts.
2016 German Vice-Champion in Opti

World Champion 470 - Luise Wanser & Philipp Autenrieth

We won the 470 World Championship in Israel in 2022!
Luise: "It feels magical ? Thank you to:
- @philipp_autenrieth_sailor, world's best crew ?? WORLD CHAMPION ???",
German 470 team ?? on the way to the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris ??.
Philipp: "Winning the World Championship in an Olympic class has been a dream ever since I sailed Optimist. When I say thank you, it's almost impossible to name everyone, but I'd like to mention a few names that had a big impact:
- @luisewanser best helmswoman in the world ?,
- my brother Julian, with whom I successfully sailed 420s for 9 years,
- my friend Simon Diesch for 5 years of incredible hard work during our last campaign in the 470."
They won the world championship with 60 teams from 20 countries after a dominant performance already one day before the final.
Coach Steve Lovegrove, the British 470 Mixed coach, said: "They came through a year ago. Everything up to here has been preparation for this peak - the world championship. You can't expect a result like this but work hard for it. That has now been rewarded for the whole team."
Philipp always sailed as a crew, and together with his brother Julian they made it to the top in the 420 within two years, becoming German champions in 2008 and 2009. Simon Diesch won the 470 German Championship with Philipp in 2016, Philipp sums up: "The right tactics in the last race were decisive for our overall victory".

World Champion 420 - Florian Krauss & Jannis Suemmchen

Youth Sailing World Championships 2021 - the 420' - Sultanat Oman (OMA)
Florian Krauss (YCSS) & Jannis Suemmchen (CYC)
- World Champions at the Youth Sailing WORLD Championships 2021 in the 420! The joy was huge, the well-deserved jump into the Arabian Sea off the Sultanate of Oman was a real cool down for the young World Champions 2021! On their return to Munich, their "hand luggage" included an impressive trophy, donated back in 1971 and now presented to a German team for the first time in 50 years. The engravings mention the names of famous sailors, such as the 2012 Olympic champion Tom Slingsby from Sydney (AUS) in Laser and Nathan Outteridge from Lake Macquarie (AUS) in 49er.

Tactics at championships in the 420 and 470

Philipp & Julian Authenrieth

Philipp has been sailing with his brother Julian since 2007. In this team, he has the role of foresailor. Together they made the leap to the top in the 420 within two years, becoming German champions in 2008 and 2009.
2014 Julian & Philipp Autenrieth win the bronze medal at the Int. German Championship of the 470.

Simon Diesch&Philipp Autenrieth

"The proper tactics in the last race were crucial for our overall victory. Our plan was to first put our direct opponents under a little pressure with match race tactics and then sail our own thing from the last minute before the start," Philipp Autenrieth described German Champion 2016 in 470.

Simon Diesch & Anna Markfort

"The strategy of never giving up but always looking for an option is paying off". Simon Diesch (Württembergischer Yacht-Club) and Anna Markfort (VSaW Berlin) are Vice European Champions 2023 in the Olympic 470 Mixed Team.

Tacticians in the Club Team

Kay Niederfahrenhorst

German Champion 2022 in H-Boat:  Kay Niederfahrenhorst, Benedikt Schulte and Fabian Wunderle took the title at their own club. The International German Championship (IDM) at the Munich Yacht Club (MYC) was exceptionally windy, with gusts up to 24 knots.
Kay has been a supporter of Tactical Sailing from the beginning, his comment: "With Tactical Sailing it is possible to make the complexity of wind for racing understandable for everyone in just a few hours. Many think the other boats make the difference between success and failure in a regatta, but the real 'opponent' remains the wind, which never blows consistently." Kay is also the helmsman and tactician on board in the J/70 Sailing League!

Marvin Frisch

"The J/70 fits very well in the line of Tactical Sailing boats. I like it!"
Marvin in the team for Württemberg Yacht Club (WYC) brings his many years of racing experience on board, he is the tactician.

Training with up to 10 boats at the starting line - Countdown with "On course side (OCS)" monitoring


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