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Regatta sailors and their coaches

Tobias Schadewaldt

"Tactical Sailing is useful for learning strategy and tactics."

"My impression is that it will be very helpful, especially for beginners in the regatta area, if there is an experienced coach or user during the first training sessions with the computer." So the assessment of Tobias Schadewaldt, even passionate racing sailor, multiple German Champion, Kiel Week winner and Olympian.

Lutz Kirchner

"Sail the Longer Leg - and you are in front!"

Lutz says: "the Coach-Box enabled us to visualize tactical teaching devices, and, above all, design them to be interesting. The simulation of the long leg, short leg and the changes that appear during the beats could be pointed out superbly, without having a flipchart filled out to the point where no one knew what line stood for what course. Also, explanations, i.e. bearing to land, are portrayed very well and explained clearly in the program."

Mark Rushall

"I'm excited about the possibilities with Tactical Sailing software."

"Just been playing with Tactical Sailing Game: lots of potential there. In this clip, Green has a handle on the shift period and sails into the persistent shift, while the others hang out for that winning leftie: It will probably come on the run. The big advantage for me over other race situation software is that you can move the wind direction in real time to reproduce realistic situations, and position the boats to demonstrate (or test!) specific scenarios. Well done! I think the game situations will be a fun way to get basic and subtle sailing concepts across to developing sailors: Great when the water is a long way away or the weather is unkind. Very many sailors and coaches use Macintosh computers so its great that the software runs nicely on a Mac with no need for Parallels etc.".

Dragan Gasic

He works with Coach-Toolbox in Riva del Garda

Dragan use - as seen here at Riva Lago di Garda - this special Coach-Box of the Tactical Sailing program. Increased attention and constant concentration is fostered by the use of our animations. The Coach-Box is a useful tool at your disposal for the design of seminars, presentations and workshops. The Coach-Box contains additional possibilities for the self-design of exercises: enhanced service of the Wind-Simulator, alternative placement of the yachts, alteration of the course and maneuver.

Antonis Drosopoulos

"I use Tactical Sailing software specifically to train team racing."

An essential tool we are using on every Optimist camp is the Tactical Sailing Software. You can demonstrate and analyze with the most high tech and professional way, the crucial elements of the strategical and tactical decisions.We are planning to use it again ✅especially on our Goldcup debriefing, check this page for more details.  https://www.facebook.com/ITCGoldCup/ 

George Blaschkiewitz

"The kids had grasped quickly ..."

"... on the water everything ran differently than normal today – the “Dry Training” on the PC made it’s impact felt. The kids had grasped quickly, why and how far they had to luff or bear away in order to sail successfully, and how important it is it tack on the long leg." With George Blaschkiewitz , we can get excited about a prominent coach for the work with Tactical Sailing.

Cyrill Auer

"I myself working repeatedly with the Tactical Sailing to prepare theory"

Cyrill: "With the Tactical Sailing program and the "Coach´s Toolbox", I prepare theory lessons ... I look forward to the reactions of the kids." I have founded optimist-academy.ch in 2008 to provide independent coaching services. Now let’s get on the water and have some fun!!! C ya! Cyril.

Tomas Ruiz de Luque

"I like the fact that I can change the wind while the boats sail!"

„I like the fact that with Tactical Sailing I can run different scenarios and change the wind while the boats sail! I feel it is a valuable tool that I will definitely use with team USA in Holland”, said Tomás Ruiz de Luque, Optimist Team Head Coach at Annapolis Yacht Club (USA). He was born in Argentina and moved to Annapolis from Buenos Aires.

Thomas Calafiore

"Tactical Sailing" is a very simple method to explain tactics to children" 

Thomas: "I work as a coach for Opti in Italy, and after a first quick lesson with the children I noticed, that "Tactical Sailing" is a very simple method to explain tactics to children of about 10/11 years. I have to study the program and "Coach´s Toolbox", to prepare some good winter lessons for the experts and also beginners of racing. About 100 Opti sailors from 7 years upwards, from beginners to experts divided into three groups with the theme: "Speed".

Training with up to 10 boats at the starting line - Countdown with "On course side (OCS)" monitoring

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