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Latest info - First steps before installation and for updates

Support info for your computer

Select either Windows, Mac, Linux or Java
Here you find notes of operation, that you should read before installing.
Read information carefully and answer appropriate - always "positive" to continue installation.

Attention! Mac OS X install first Java 6, see more infos below for Mac OS X.


Extract all files - unzip the package completely!

Extract all files otherwise, the TacticalSailing(TS) program will not start later because some files are missing!
You have to completely unzip the package: "Win_TS_en_setup.zip" with the command "Extract all"! 
A new folder will be suggested to you automatically, in which the TS-LOGO can be seen in the new folder later on.
Click in this folder onto "Win_TS_en_setup.exe" and the setup will start correctly.

Message: "Windows protected your PC"

Click "More Info" and "Run anyway".
If you see such a notice titled "Tactical_Sailing_en, or the abbreviation "...TS..." you are running secure software. This notice pops up as standard procedure, so that you don’t load any foreign software that you don’t want to have on your computer. Confirmation: You can trust Tactical Sailing Software, the program named: Tactical_Sailing_en (TS_en).

Windows 10 and Tactical Sailing running

The installation of Tactical Sailing is running on Windows 10 perfectly in a few minutes only.

Mac OS X

1. Mac OS X install first Java 6 Service module!

Note: For Mac OS X we deliver a service module.
Download here Java 6 Service module and install.
If you have any question, send an e-mail to: support[at]TacticalSailing.com

2. Install Tactical Sailing Software

During the installation with "TS_install_.dmg" a window opens:
Drag the "TS-Logo.app" to the right into the "Applications" folder.

3. Mac reports: "Malware" - Allow Launch anyway

Apple wants to scan for malware and he can't do that because we use different security tools than Apple's.
The software of Tactical Sailing(TS) is free of malware. You have to "Allow Launch anyway".

    A) Operation in the "System settings" window

    1. Open "System settings", select "Security"
    2. Click: "TS.app ..... "Open anyway"!
    3. In the middle of the window - "Open" will appear, click "Open", the TS app is now released.

    B) Operation by "mouse-Clicks"

    1. "Show in Finder": TS.app
    2. Place the right (!) mouse button on the TS.app
    3. Hold down the "shift" key and point to "Open", then click!
    4. In the middle of the window "Open" appears, click "Open", the TS app is now released.

    You can always click and start the TS.app immediately afterwards, the process A) or B) is only necessary for the 1st start. 

    Check the option "Download" before installation

    In most cases, the required options are set correctly. Nevertheless, check the options before installation:

    Check "Allow apps downloaded from": App Store AND identified Developer
    Open an option for the Tactical Sailing installation once in "System Preferences / Security / General". Allow apps downloaded from - "App Store AND Identified Developer". This option does not damage your computer. The Tactical Sailing program is a certified program, a "3rd Party Mac Developer Application" and tested. Do not hesitate to get in contact if you have any question, please send an e-mail to: support[at]TacticalSailing.com

    Enable "JavaScript" in Safari browser and download "Java 6"

    Check and enable the option "JavaScript" in your browser "Preferences/Security". Try to download to see if your preference is set properly here: Java 6 Version.
    If the Lion's head is not displayed, set the option "Enable JavaScript". Re-Start Safari and download Java 6.



    Download Java SE Runtime Environment 6 Update 45

    1. To install you will need a version of Java on your system. We recommend Java 6 update 45 for Linux. You have to download a Java version according to your hardware yourself. Several alternatives are available (32/64 bit) e.g. at ORACLE.

    2. The installation of the Tactical Sailing software is a Java program: "Linux_TS_en_installer.jar". The program components are made ​​available and installed.

    3. At the end you can create a link corresponding ICON.

    See: XXX http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jre6downloads-1902815.html

    Comments and Examples

    Comment from Wouter H.: "I did download Tactical Sailing and installed it. My system is
    Ubuntu 12.04, 64-bits; java version "1.7.0_25"; Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.7.0_25-b15)"

    Comment from Hans S.: "I have it under Linux OpenSuse 13.2 installed, the Installation worked great. The installation should deliver the various icons for the starters".

    Comment from Markus O. Installation on runing Linux Mint 18.3 KDE worked fine.

    Java Runtime 1.6.45, OpenSuse 12.3_Java7u25, IzPack Installer
    OpenSuse 13.2, Linux Mint 18.3 KDE, TS Linux Mint 18.3 KDE Java

    Installations notes - from a Linux expert to other expert

    I tried the Linux installation on a system which has never Java or specially Tactical Sailing never run. What have I done (without CD, only Web, not even the Java version) follows here: XXX Read my instructions (.pdf) and XXX screenshots. Keep your license key for the full version at hand or try a demo version for free.

    Java recommendations

    Windows: Java 6 Version 43 is included in our package

    After numerous Java version changes with ORACLE we have determined, that Tactical Sailing runs best with Java 6 Version 1.6.43. Install the Tactical Sailing Software from our web site. No matter if you use the CD- or Download- or Demo-version, for all Windows Computer we deliver all software, Java included, from the installation package which we provided. Start downloading the software at XXX Latest Info here.

    Mac OS X: Download Java 6 Version 2017 download yourself

    Mac:  Java für OS X 2017-001 download here.
    Apple: Java for OS X 2015-001 delivers improved security, reliability, and compatibility by updating Java SE 6 to 1.6.0_65.
    Start thereafter downloading the Tactical Sailing software.

    Linux: Java 6 download yourself

    Linux download here. Java SE 6 Update 45. This release brings in security features and bug fixes. Oracle strongly recommends that all Java SE 6 users upgrade to this release.

    Java 6, 7 and 8 parallel: Yes! But see notes below

    Tactical Sailing uses automatically Java 6 version 1.6.43 or higher to be installed. If you need Java 7, you can have installed the latest Java 7 version and operate in parallel.
    Note: ORACLE´s Java 8 tries to delete older Java versions. Do NOT allow to delete older versions! Hundreds of programs need Java 6 versions, so does Tactical Sailing.
    If you nedd help, write an e-mail and tell us, if you use Windows or Mac to support[at]TacticalSailing.com

    Comments and Examples

    Windows 7, Joerg F.: "Java 1.6.43 obviously works", on March 11 / 2013.
    Windows 8, Michael L.: Question: "I need Java 7, how does it work?"
    Yes: Java versions 6, 7 and 8 can run on Windows in parallel.
    Mac OS X 10.7, Piotr P.: "It works! Thank you. What an excellent job and creative game."
    Examples: Windows Java 1.6.43 / 1.7.17 and Mac Java 1.6.43 / 1.7.17

    Start here

    Now you can start downloading the latest software here
    and the installation usually takes only a few minutes.
    Our Support Team is available for any questions;
    send an e-mail to support[at]TacticalSailing.com.

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