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Program reference guide

Quick Reference Guide

A Tutorial for beginners and expert sailors.
Download the Quick Reference Guide with notes and short cuts:
- Start the program, 
- Overview of the keys for boat control and
- Information in the cockpit and on the racing area.

Video clips

Three video clips show how to get started on playing the games and make use of Toolbox. See explanations, features and options to play with: Against the Wind, Boat Against Boat and Toolbox. Click to play: (German and English)

Lesson 1: "First steps Play Against the Wind"
Lesson 2: "First steps Boat Against Boat"      
Lesson 3: "First steps Coach´s Toolbox"
Visit our YouTube channel and look for many Tips and notes for sailors and playing "Tactical Sailing": www.youtube.com/user/TacticalSailing (TS Version 1.0 german and english, 12.11.2014).

Menu structure of the programs from A to Z

The complete menu structure and a list of exercises from A to Z is displayed in a table, it facilitates the search for individual exercises/scenes in the programs.
Download the menu structure here (pdf).
Download Excercises A to Z here (pdf)​​​​​​​.

Menu of Coach's Toolbox - Reference List - Mapping

© Philippe Charret of "Spot on Sailing" has created a reference list (English) that serves the purpose of quickly finding exercises in the menu and descriptions in the TS manual (mapping). "Welcome to the Tactical Sailing tree structure, this document allows you to quickly find the exercises you wish to work on. The table sumarizes the Tactical Sailing menu screen with the contents and references to the main related articles in the coach's toolbox manual. Enjoy ! (Mapping of Tactical sailing Coach's Toolbox Version 2.201.012). 
A big thank you to Philippe Charret for his collaboration within the TS team, his suggestions and his precious advice to complete the toolbox in french language. We wish you a lot of fun, good victories and good luck! Contact:
© Philippe Charret contact@charleemarines.com
Download Mapping of Tactical Sailing Coach's Toolbox here (Excel Sheet english)!
Link to Coach's Toolbox manual, (German, English, Spanish and French).

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