Child protection - "Kinderschutz"

Child protection software - time limit possible

So that my children do not sit too long at the computer, I have a child protection software, which quotaizes the computer time for the children. That's a blessing. However, this implies that my children may only use user accounts with limited rights (Windows 7, 8, 10, 11).

"What do I have to do so that my children can start 'Tactical Sailing' with limited user rights?"

Possible Solution: Create a new "user account" on Windows or Mac.
Confirmation by Christian S-M ..: "... after I executed the installation according to 'user account', the program under the parental control of ( runs flawlessly." (18.01.2012)

Set up a user account for my child
"Is it possible to install it on a user account for my child?"
Yes, for the set up of the Tactical Sailing Software in the normal user account (Windows) you have the following options for an installation:
Temporarily set the account type to "Administrator", perform the setup as described, then reset the account type to "Normal". See website for the download.

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