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Coach's Highlights - Documentation

Explanations of each exercise are displayed in the “Info” window. You can download the full documentation of the 'Coach's Highlights' here. The software of the Coach Highlights program requires a special licence key, which you can order here or which you have already received with the Coach Toolbox. If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to office[at]TacticalSailing.de.

You can start the download of the documentation here in english language

Click to download the 'Coach's Highlights" (en):

Le téléchargement de la documentation ici en français - Faits marquants du coach

Click to download the 'Faits marquants du coach" (fr):

  • French (Faits marquants du coach / Highlights)

PROGRAMME OPERATION / COMMANDS are in ENGLISH, but documents and information are in French.
LE FONCTIONNEMENT DU PROGRAMME / LES COMMANDES sont EN ANGLAIS, mais les documents et les informations sont rédigés en français.

Operating instructions - start exercises with one click

In the overview you can select a 'keyword' and start the exercise with a 'click'. The 'Coach's Highlights' contain 20 tactical exercises, specifically selected from the extensive overall program of the 'Coach's Toolbox' with over 100 exercises.
Click with the mouse on the selection of exercises, they are displayed graphically on the screen, always with a view of what is happening on a regatta field from start to finish.

  • Yellow marking: tactical highlights. As a supplement to the individual tactical exercises, you can train “regatta tactics” in a complete process from start to finish in twos or fours.
  • Pink marking: “Sailing Games”, for everyone who would like to relax a little at the end of the practice session, there are 4 playful variants to “have fun with sailing”!

Explanations for each exercise in the “Info” window

You can view detailed explanations with tips for each exercise in the "Info" window. Example: The exercise "Switch Point" explains the tactical advantages and operation of the exercise on several pages, scroll using the symbols < left - right > and read the information.

Coach's 'Highlights' Version 2.0 from Year 2024

The functions of the 'Highlights' in version 2.0 can be found in the separate programme module: "Highlights", which can be selected when starting Tactical Sailing. You can download the current documentation of the trainer 'Highlights' 2.0 with function description, screenshots and operating instructions here:

Download the description (approx. 10 MB pdf file)

Current version of the documentation (as of 02.05.2024):
Version no. and description _____________________________

________ 2024 __________
2.240.502 Coach's Highlights + AC40 America's Cup
2.240.214 Coach's 'Highlights + Right of Way'

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