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World Championship Optimist


Preparation for the World Championship 2024 in Argentinia - December 5. - 15.

Visitors of most nationalities can enter Argentina for up to 90 days without a visa. Before traveling, check visa requirements with your local Argentine embassy or consulate. Visit the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs website for a list of Argentine embassies and consulates abroad. A list of foreign embassies and consulates in Argentina can be found here. If you need assistance, contact: migrations[at]mdp2024.com.ar.
For information about the regatta see here.

Mar del Plata (ARG) © Matías Capizzano

Jonny Seekamp will travel to the 2024 World Cup in Argentina - Buenos Aires / Mar del Plata (ARG)

Jonny Seekamp has been an enthusiastic user of Tactical Sailing since 2022, here is his opinion: "I really like the game Tactical Sailing. You can do great things like play team races with your family, but also alone against the computer or with two people play against friends, siblings, etc. A few things could be improved, such as the coverage, or even if the other player violates the rules, for example, he gets a time penalty.
It would be nice if you play against the computer that there are different difficulties. But there are things that - in my opinion - are very well done: the wind changes, there are gusts in different places and you can choose your favorite boat. My favorite boat at Tactical Sailing is, for example 49ers."

Buenos Aires - Porto de Mar del Plata - 400 km

Qualification regatta in Travemuende - 5 Optimist sailors will travel to the 2024 World Cup

Tactical Sailing (TS) sponsored the World Cup team at the qualification regatta in Travemuende in May 2024 with a voucher for the TS Highlights version.
Arguments: What can you recommend to the 5 World Cup participants about Tactical Sailing (TS)?
1. Continue practicing on the PC with TS,
2. “Play” TS in three languages,
3. Make new contacts with TS,
4. A TS lexicon offers help.

The deserving winner of the qualification regatta is 13-year-old Tizian Lembeck from the Inning Ammersee sailing club. With this success he qualified for the OPTIMIST WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in December 2024 in Mar del Plata/Argentina. His World Cup teammates are Jonny Seekamp (2nd), Nicolas Troeger (3rd), Paul Fiete Hickstein (4th) and Jasper Porthun (5th). We will be covering this World Cup from December 5th - 15th, 2024 - Mar del Plata, Argentina (ARG). Coach Jan Mueller and team leader Silja Wolff. See overall results here.

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Tactical Sailing met the Argentina Opti team at the Fraglia Vela Riva club (ITA)

Coach Norberto (ARG) and his team were sailing at the 42nd Lake Garda Meeting in Italy in March 2024 at the Fraglia Vela Riva club.

2023 Optimist World Championship - Spain

Three World Champions 2023: Henric Wigforss SWE, Blanca Ferrando ESP, Team ITA

A conciliatory end with three races from a difficult 2023 Optimist World Championship in ESP due to weather conditions over the last few days??. There were three notable scores:

  • Boys: Henric Wigforss from Sweden won the OPTIMIST WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP on the Costa Brava/Spain, with USA sailors Travis Greenberg and Wylder Smith in 2nd and 3rd overall.
  • Girls: Blanca Ferrando from Spain won 1st place in the girls' classification, followed by Marina Pinto Portugal as well as Emma Grabar from Croatia. They were the best Opti sailors among the approx. 50 girls of the altogether 250 participants. Cosima Feussner reached a remarkable 11th place in the girls ranking.
  • Team: Team ITA won first place in the Team Race, followed by Spain and USA. 

© Source: OptiClass_GER Birgitt Müller Genrich. Fotos: Andreas Knapp
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The placings of the GER sailors at the World Championship

Final  24.06.2023: 69th Lukas Wagner; 82th Cosima Feussner; 89th David Plettner; 92th Jonny Seekamp; 118th Jasper Porthun. 
Jonny Seekamp celebrated his 12th birthday on Sunday, the day of the return journey.​​
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© Source: OptiClass_GER Birgitt Müller-Genrich. Fotos: Andreas Knapp

Jonny Seekamp at the 2023 World Championship on the Costa Brava (ESP)

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"Tactical Sailing" was very happy about his success - after all, Jonny has been part of the Tactical Sailing team since 2021. With two daily victories in the elimination races in Travemünde, he sovereignly sailed to the top of the best German opti-sailors! Now it's even more fun for us to report on the events surrounding the World Championship - especially because Jonny is part of it. The preparations start on 1 - 4 June at the "Spring Cup" at Costa Brava - Catalanien with nearly 200 participants. The World Cup will start on 15 - 25 June 2023 with a festive opening ceremony.
© Fotos Coach Bastian Henning, © Club de Vela la Ballena Alegre.

Jonny achieved a remarkable 92nd place among the total of 256 participants. In the 9 races he even achieves an 11th and 14th place at the top of the world's best Opti sailors:
92 GER 1902 Jonny SEEKAMP: 22 18 (53) 41 24 11  14 36 36.
Congratulations on his result, Jonny is one of the youngest competitors at the 2023 World Championship!
Jonny celebrated his 12th birthday on Sunday, the day of his return.

Jonny shows a video clip on Instagram of the best experiences at his first World Cup, click here.

The German 2023 World Cup team

"We have a motivated and good-humoured group. The first days of preparation have already been a lot of fun and we believe we will bring a strong team to the start," write coaches Birte Berger and Bastian Henning from Spain/Costa Brava. Since last Saturday, the GER World Cup Team 2023 (from left: Coach Birte Berger, Jonny Seekamp, Jasper Porthun, Lukas Wagner, David Plettner, Cosima Feussner, Coach Bastian Henning) off L'Escala. On their water program: district knowledge (How does the Sea-Breeze work ...What happens in fog?). On their land program: team building (in the pool, during early morning sports, building sandcastles, cooking together). And the best is at the end of the day: Analysis of their own sailing videocasts. © Photos Coach Bastian Henning, Report: © Birgitt Müller-Genrich OptiClass.de

Tactical Sailing dictionary available in 11 languages free of charge, also with Spanish/Agentinian vocabulary

Pablo Villar (ARG) from Buenos Aires supports Tactical Sailing (TS Supporter) for many years. Pablo translated a TS dictionary with more than 400 vocabulary words about regatta sailing into Spanish / Argentinian. There are a total of 11 languages available in the dictionary, which will help sailors travelling to Argentinia.

Order the Coach's Toolbox - available in 3 languages: Spanish, English and German

Order a Coach's Toolbox here in the online shop. "Participants in the 2021 championship in Argentina - as now also for the 2023 championships in Spain and Greece - will be offered a Coach’s Toolbox." The idea for the Spanish language version came from Pablo Villar (ARG), who has been working intensively for years in Buenos Aires to promote young sailors. Pablo Villar:

  • "The Tactical Sailing Tool will certainly help sailors understand the reasons for tactical decisions and make them better tactical sailors!"

Coach's Tool Bag - a new innovative tool for tactical decision making

Order a "Tool Bag" in the Online Shop.

Strategic and tactical decisions in regatta sailing are made in a similar way to classic "risk management". Already at the starting line, the sailor has to decide on the right or left side of the Regatta area. Jochen Schumann, Germany's most successful sailor, agrees: "The physics of sailing constantly forces us to make a clear decision. " In the Tactical Sailing program there is the "Coach’s Toolbox" with over 100 exercises. From this toolbox collection we have put together a special "Tool Bag" for regatta sailors. With these exercises, the ability to make decisions is trained, such as risk assessment and gain-loss analysis. They serve the regatta sailor to prepare for cups and championships, such as:

  • 2023 Optimist World Championship Costa Brava - Spain,
  • 2023 Optimist European Championship Thessaloniki - Greek,
  • 2024 Optimist European Championship Carrara - Italy.

With one "click", the coach can repeatedly call up the simulation of a regatta scene as video clips (YouTube) and discuss it with the sailors, e.g. tactical behaviour on the way to the finish line. We are happy to provide  the new "Tool Bag" for all sailors.


Click here to visit the shop. Payments can be made by credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, etc. at the market places listed.

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