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Beginners can take their first steps in sailing, as we show how a boat can sail against the wind. Tactical Sailing developed a "Wind Simulator", which offers to practice your skills. Is this your first time steering a boat? Tactical Sailing shows how you can "tack" against the wind to move your boat as fast as possible upwind.

Play against the Wind

Boat against Boat

Tips from experienced Coaches

You´ll have twice the fun with Tactical Sailing: Against the Wind and Boat Against Boat
The game "Against the Wind" is an awesome opponent. It changes its direction and force and will pull out all tactical and strategic skills you can think of. This game is for beginners to practice how to sail, play against the wind for the first time and take training sessions to get better on crossing the finish line in the best time possible. Besides the wind, make use of a sparring partner, a computer controlled skipper who will force you to become better; you can see your position in relation to him.
Playing "Boat Against Boat" is the way to practice your tactical skills in a duell against an other skipper. You choose a boat and you can sail Match Race, Fleet Race or run on Olympic courses. Make sure to start on time, and watch your countdown timer, because if you cross over course side (OCS) or hit a buoy, you will be penalized. The penalties will be accumulated in a Penalty Account. Make use of the automatic "Hit me" detection, which indicates to the jury boat that you are protesting against the other skipper, e.g. hitting your boat or any other obstruction of the rules.

Tips: The standard program offers Tactical Tips,  a broad selection of very valuable tips – including basic rules for the right of way. The program includes a learning module with more than 40 tips to sail "Against the Wind" or "Boat Against Boat".

Features of Games & Tips

Overview of features

14 sailboats in several colors for playing, learning and regatta sailing: Opti, Laser, Finn, 420s, 470s, Korsar, Kiel and center board Zugvogel, H-boat, 29er, 49er, J/70, Fareast 31F and TP 52-Yacht with 1 set of sails, depending on the boat type with main and foresail, spinnaker or gennaker in boat color.
Sailing simulator for setting to hoist, unrig, sheet out and sheet in, polar diagrams for best speeds in the 360° spectrum.
Wind simulator with 64 wind regions, gusts, lulls, shifting and oscillating winds with simulation of the wind ladder.

25 Play against the wind
Playing fields with more than 25 wind scenes in up to 64 wind regions. 21 tactical tips from start to finish, animated by computer simulation presented in audio-visual form. Tracking Line System, sailed path line chart from start to finish, sparring partner with same boat (game against the wind).

30 Play Boat against Boat
Playing fields with more than 30 wind scenes for slalom, fleet and match races as well as on Olympic courses in up to 64 wind regions. 16 Tips Right of Way Rules - World Sailing (ISAF) Rules: Right to the wind from opposite side, from the same side, with/without overlap, give mark room. With jury control options, early start control at the start line (OCS), buoy contact, boat contact, protest account with penalty counter 1 "hit-me" automatic recognition for protest message.

7 Play Slalom sailing is fun without end
Parallel slalom sailing is as with the traditional slalom in winter sports, it is also about speed to reach the goal as quickly as possible.

Genre mix of sport, strategy and simulation "This genre of game refers to quality characteristics, and such games deliver higher game value. Genre Mix refers to constant or at least possible change between various genres. This means that several basic game ideas are interconnected. Players are required to act at a number of different levels. These differ in terms of game perspective, tasks, complexity, objective and difficulty. The diversity of this mixed genre means that it includes games from all age rating categories". See: www.usk.de/pruefverfahren/genres 
Approved without age restriction USK 0 (PEGI OK) in accordance with Section 14 of the Youth Protection Act (JuSchG Germany). See: www.usk.de 

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Download detailed list of features here.

Recommended System requirements

Windows PC (XP, VISTA, Win 7, 8, 10 and 11), Linux OS or Mac OS X Version 10.7 or higher; Lion, El Captain, Sierra, up to Catalina with Java Standard Edition 6. See notes for Apple M1/2/3 chip and OS X 11/12/13 Big Sur/Monterey/Ventura or higher here. Internet connection only required for downloading the current software and to activate the license key, then the program can be started without Internet. Screen size: 1024x768 Pixel (4:3 Format), Graphics card 512 MB, Sound-mp3, Pentium-4, 1GB RAM, 290 MB disc space, Keyboard - or Mouse, Mouse-wheel recommended, Game Pad with programmable keys suitable.


"Your project has been voted: Best Media Didactic. Out of more than 60 applicants, Tactical Sailing is winner of the European Award for Technology Supported Learning - eureleA 2012!" This good news came in on 31.01.2012. Sailors would say: "We got Gold Medal!"


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