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First steps

First step before installing, updating or upgrading the software.
After you ordered a Download-Version in an Online Shop you receive your license key and an instruction for downloading by e-mail.
If you ordered a license key Card, the license key is placed inside the box.
You can start downloading the actual software, English version immediately here and play the game.

Installation Instruction: First read here Instruction for Installation on Windows and Mac
To begin an installation you will require the license key whether you have bought the CD, a key card, the download version or requsted an update.
The software runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Support Notes: First necessarily read this support notes! 
During installation you may be prompted to answer security checks, answer always "positiv" to continue installation. Your antivirus software and security settings, such as the firewall, must allow software to install Tactical Sailing. Typical security questions and the correct answers are described in the latest info, which you should read first before starting the installation:
- Windows user:     Windows notes here,
- Mac OS X user:     Mac OS X notes here.

Now you can start downloading the latest software and the installation usually takes only a few minutes.
Our Support Team is available for any questions; send an e-mail to support[at]TacticalSailing.com.

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