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A Game Against the Wind

Philipp and Julian Autenrieth: "This game is awesome!"

"You can learn tactics fast and have fun as well! I´ve won with the 8x8 wind pattern, too ;-)" You can play, exercise and learn by yourself with Tactical Sailing - "Against the Wind", e.g. boost your tactical and strategic skill for sailing. The wind machine offers easy and challenging game models and you receive tips from experienced sailors and trainers. You can choose from a wide selection of boats. The computer program simulates the course of a regatta from start to finish. The Tracking Line System draws the way you sailed; it shows all your tactical maneuvers.

One steering wheel and a cockpit with speed log, compass, and wind indicator are placed comfortably in the center for you as a skipper. Operating your boat is very easy: 1-click to tack, jibe, luff up or bear away - or you make use of an autopilot. A tracking line system records your path sailed and you can see all tactical maneuvers you made.

Examples: Wind formats 3x3 and 7x7 - sailed path to the finish

You can have a lot of fun with the wind simulator, many wind patterns from 1x1, 2x2, ... 8x8 will force you to concentrate to win. Philipp and Julian Autenrieth played it and are excited. Our boats are steered with the help of a polar diagram. Optimal boat speed can be traced all the way: beating upwind, on a reach or run. The optimal positions for the main sail, fore sail, spinnaker, and gennaker are set automatically. A sailing race is definitely a game against the wind: upwind, reach or downwind, lulls, puffs, as well as oscillating or shifting winds. The program includes a professionally designed learning module: Tactical tips from David Dellenbaugh are presented as video clips.


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