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You can choose from a wide selection of boats. Operating the boat is easy: with one click you can tack, jibe, luff or bear away. The computer program simulates the course of a regatta from start to finish.

You can choose the colour of your boat in the game

Which features offer the Boat Simulator?

You can choose between a Opti, Laser, Finn, 420er, 470er, Korsar, Kiel- and Centerboard-Zugvogel, H-Boat, 29er, 49er, J/70, Fareast 31R or TP 52, all of which are comfortably equipped:

Polar Diagram

A polar diagram controls the speed of Tactical Sailing boats. Data is based on practical experience of professional sailors based on a velocity prediction program (vpp data).
Boats optimal speed
Each type of Tactical Sailing Boat has its specific speed profile, e.g. 470er is different from a Skiff 49er, see diagrams.

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