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The Ocean Globe Race - Swan 55

From opti-sailing to ocean sailing around Cape Horn

Anyone who has learnt to sail as a child, who has successfully sailed in an Opti or another dinghy, sometimes cannot let go of their enthusiasm for sailing - for "wind and waves". We report on sailors, skippers, their teams and the boats, for example about

  • Abby Ehler (GBR)
  • Tapio Lehtinen (FIN)
  • Viivi Moisio und Anton Eklund (FIN)

Abby Ehler: Tactical manoeuvres are also of great importance in offshore sailing, for example Abby Ehler, one of the greatest offshore sailors of our time, has declared the PC program "Tactical Sailing" to be a "great tool", see below. 
Tapio Lehtinen was skipper of the “Swan 55 Galiana With Secure” team at “The Ocean Globe Race” in 2023. Tapio started sailing with Optimists in 1965 and actively participated in light sailboat regattas during his youth. Tapio has also sailed Laser, 470 and 29er dinghies. Later he was an active sailor on the open seas and oceans.
Viivi and Anton: Now real Cape Horners. Viivi Moisio (21) and Anton Eklund (26), two former Finnish optimist sailors, are part of the 12-person crew of the Swan 55 Galiana With Secure. With the Galiana they are currently taking part in the OCEAN GLOBE RACE 2023/24 (OGR), a sprint over 27,000 miles around the globe with ocean-going yachts built before 1988.

Abby Ehler: "What a great tool for teaching youngsters, professionals and oldies alike."

Abby Ehler had the opportunity to trial and test the TacticalSailing software at the boot Düsseldorf. "What a great tool for teaching youngsters, professionals and oldies alike, to visualise what happens out on our 'playground' the shifts, gain & loss, and pressure." Paul Gerbecks who has masterminded this software is extremely passionate about the benefits this can offer to up and coming sailors in addition to their on water training. See more info from Abby Ehler on facebook. For example, Abby also sailed in the SCA - Volvo Ocean Race team.

Team "Swan 55 Galiana With Secure" - Skipper Tapio Lehtinen

Tapio Lehtinen began sailing with Optimist in 1965 and actively participated in regattas with light sailboats in his youth. Lehtinen has also sailed Laser, 470 and 29er dinghies. He was later an active sailor on the open seas and oceans, taking part in the 1981-82 Whitbread Round the World Race on the Finnish boat Skopbank and acting as its officer in charge of navigation watch. The boat finished 12th in the race. Source: Wikipedia.

Two former Opti sailors now sailing around the world

We're off then... two former Opti sailors are now sailing around the world (1)

Interview (1) with Anton Eklund (FIN): What was your motivation to take part in the Ocean Globe Race (OGR)?
I have been sailing since my childhood, initially as an optimist, later other dinghies and short-distance regattas. My dream has always been to sail long-distance regattas. I followed many of these events on my PC. At the end of 2019 I heard from Tapio Lehtinens from the Finnish “Round the World project”. It was immediately clear to me: This is my chance. A sailor should experience sailing in all its diversity, try out a lot of different sailing... When you try then you know.
When you think back to your Opti sailing, which experiences were important for sailing around the world? Mental strength is trained during Optimist regatta sailing. In a strong wind regatta you have to fight. The situation comes when you think, I can't do it anymore, my muscles hurt. But you carry on...
“Keep on pushing”! This is what you learn with Opti sailing.

Interview (2) with Viivi Moisio (FIN): Were your Opti experiences important for the circumnavigation?
My Opti sailing taught me the joy of competitive sailing  and different methods to perform and survive under pressure. Most importantly, the basics of sailing that I learned in the Opti are the same, even though the boat is bigger.
How did you get into Opti sailing? Where did you learn it? I started sailing with my brother at an Opti camp in Finland. At first I wasn't interested in sailing at all. But I liked the orange sailing clothes, I wanted to wear them too and so I finally took part in Opti sailing.

(1) Source: © Interview with Anton Eklund (FIN) – CREWMEMBER OF GALIANA WITHSECURE,
by B. Müller-Genrich OPTI CLASS Germany News, September 21, 2023, (German language!)
(2) See more reports from the route at:
https://www.opticlass.de/news/ Related news: Here we go... two former Opti sailors now sailing around the world (2)
The Ocean Global Race: https://oceangloberace.com


Fotos from Swan 55 Galiana With Secure and the Crew

Fotos © Matías Capizzano - Start in Punta del Este the last Etappe to Cowes

The Start at Punta del Este off the the 4th Leg of the Ocean Globe Race 6,200 miles to Cowes. No computers, no GPS or satellites. The Ocean Globe Race: https://oceangloberace.com.
© Matías Capizzano


Viivi and Anton sailed Opti - tactical training possible with the Tactical Sailing program

Viivi and Anton sailed Opti. Several types of boats are available to choose from in the Tactical Sailing program, including Opti in several colors. Operating the Opti is easy: with 1 click you can tack, jibe, luff or bear away. The computer program simulates the process of a regatta from start to finish. You can play and learn with tactical sailing boats - including an Opti model. You will receive tactical tips from experienced sailors and trainers.


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