"Alinghi" SUI-64 in action. © LAURENT GILLIERON/KEYSTONE 


America's Cup - AC 79

From Finn sailor to multiple America's Cup winner - Sir Russell Coutts

Anyone who learned to sail as a child and has successfully regatta sailed in a Finn or another dinghy sometimes cannot let go of their enthusiasm for sailing - for "wind and waves". We report on sailors, coaches and skippers, their teams and the boats, for example about:

  • Russell Coutts (NZL)

The title of Sir: "Her Excellency the Governor-General has announced that, on the occasion of Her Majesty's Birthday celebrations (1995), The Queen had the great pleasure of bestowing the honor of Sir on the following: Russell COUTTS, MBE, of Auckland , for services relating to yachting."
Coutts' achievements include a gold medal in the Finn class at the 1984 Olympics and winning the America's Cup five times. Source: hauteliving.com/, September 19, 2012 by Angella Sprauve.

SUI Team "Alinghi" - Russell Coutts

Alinghi is the name of a Swiss yacht that became the first European ship to win the prestigious America's Cup in 2003. Alinghi is a self-created name of its founder and owner Ernesto Bertarelli, he is a Swiss biotechnology entrepreneur from Geneva with Italian roots. Bertarelli managed to get the most successful skipper of the time on board: Russell Coutts, and other important New Zealand sailors joined the Alinghi team, such as  the tactician Brad Butterworth. Bertarelli himself worked as navigator in all races. The strategy and sports director was the German Olympic champion  Jochen Schuemann.
Alinghi (24 m / 79 ft) wins 2003 the 31st America's Cup and turns Switzerland into a sailing nation. Against “Team New Zealand”, the heavy favorite and defending champion from the host country, the Swiss team will bring out the big guns in the final of the America's Cup: Russell Coutts, the best skipper in the world at the time, will be brought on board. The Alinghi team successfully defended its title in 2007 and became the winner of the 32nd America's Cup. Source: Tobias Wüst, www.watson.ch/. The victorious SUI-64 in action. © LAURENT GILLIERON/KEYSTONE.

NZL Team - Dean Barker: New Zealand tactician sacked - a big tactical mistake before the start

Team New Zealand tactician Hamish Pepper was released from the "black boat" this morning with New Zealand trailing 0:3 in this crucial phase of the 2003 America's Cup series. It's a major blowout from Team New Zealand management as NZL skipper Dean Barker has sailed with Pepper since they went to school together.

  • In the all-important race, Pepper  made a big tactical mistake before the start.
  • Weather experts had predicted an impending wind shift(1) to the right, and following it at the start line would have been a wise decision.
  • Pepper ignored them - and took off to the left - a big tactical mistake!

His successor is Frenchman Bertrand Pace, another match racer who acted as tactician at the NZL 81 trial. Source: Rob Kothe on 20 Feb 2003. More news from Sail-World.
(1) In the Tactical Sailing program we can simulate a situation at the starting line and a shift in the wind and then show what the consequences are for the sailor on the left and right side!
Source: Kiwi tactician sacked by Rob Kothe on 20 Feb 2003.

Fotos: Alinghi beim America's Cup

Russell Coutts sailed Finn Dinghy - tactical training possible with the Tactical Sailing program

Russell Coutts sailed FinnDinghy. Several types of boats are available to choose from in the Tactical Sailing program, including Finn Dinghy in several colors. Operating the Finn is easy: with 1 click you can tack, jibe, luff or bear away. The computer program simulates the process of a regatta from start to finish. You can play and learn with tactical sailing boats - including a Finn model. You will receive tactical tips from experienced sailors and trainers. The Finn was a one-man Olympic sailboat. It was designed in 1949 by Swedish boat designer Rickard Sarby.



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