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Coach´s Toolbox documentation

The actual documentation of Coach's Toolbox including description of features, functions, screenshots and notes of operation can be downloaded here. The Coach's Toolbox program (software) requires a special license key. 
NEW!: See details here how to order it ' Stand alone' or 'all in one' to your game.

Toolbox manual download in several languages: German, English, Spanish, French

Click your preferred language to download:

Menu of Coach's Toolbox - Reference List - Mapping

© Philippe Charret of "Spot on Sailing" has created a reference list (English) that serves the purpose of quickly finding exercises in the menu and descriptions in the TS manual (mapping). "Welcome to the Tactical Sailing tree structure, this document allows you to quickly find the exercises you wish to work on. The table sumarizes the Tactical Sailing menu screen with the contents and references to the main related articles in the coach's toolbox manual. Enjoy ! (Mapping of Tactical sailing Coach's Toolbox Version 2.201.012). 
A big thank you to Philippe Charret for his collaboration within the TS team, his suggestions and his precious advice to complete the toolbox in french language. We wish you a lot of fun, good victories and good luck! Contact:
© Philippe Charret contact@charleemarines.com
Download Mapping of Tactical Sailing Coach's Toolbox here (Excel Sheet english)!
Link to Coach's Toolbox manual, (German, English, Spanish and French).

Toolbox Version 2.0 from Year 2020

The features of the Toolbox version 2.0 are in an independent program module: "Coach's Toolbox", which can be selected when launching Tactical Sailing. The actual documentation of Coach's Toolbox 2.0 including description of features, functions, screenshots and notes of operation:
Download here (20 MB pdf file)

Actual version of documentation: as of 14.02.2024
Version no. and Description ____________________________________________

________ 2024 __________
2.240.214 Toolbox update "Coach's Highlights + Right of Way"
________ 2023 __________
2.231.028 Toolbox update "Coach's Highlights"
2.230.430 Toolbox update new Screenshot "Rule 10:17"
2.230.411 Toolbox update new Screenshots "Tool Bag"
2.230.316 Toolbox update new scence "Bodensee Cup" with wind fields
2.230.202 Toolbox update for new "wind fields" and wind shifts
________ 2022 __________
2.220.401 Toolbox update for "Taktik Team Race"
________ 2021 __________
2.210.831 Toolbox update for manoeuvre "Cross-Tack-Duck"
2.210.702 Toolbox with scence for manoeuvre "Cross-Tack-Duck"
2.210.412 Translation of the illustrations of the 11 decision-making situations in de, en, es, fr
________ 2020 __________
2.201.111 Toolbox with scenes for "Switch-Point" and "Curry Tack"
2.201.011 Toolbox with scenes for "Lift and Header"
2.200.120 Pre-Release 2.0 with new operation structure (German, English, Spanish) 

Toolbox Version 1.0 until Year 2019

The toolbox functions of the Version 1.0 are located in "Games&Tips" and "Boat against Boat" in the main menu: BOATS

The actual documentation of Coach-Toolbox including description of features, functions, screenshots and notes of operation:
Download (12 MB pdf File) on demand: send an mail to ofiice[at]TacticalSailing.com 

Actual version of documentation: as of Januar 16. - 2019 - FINAL VERSION 1.0
Version no. and Descrotion_____________________________________________
1.190.116 New  options for "Switch Point Mark",
                 VPP, VMG and VMC optimiert,
                 Animation of "Velocity Made Good towards course (VMC)".
1.181.114 Coach's Toolbox with more functions and options for:
                 Switch-Point and
                 Wind axis
1.171.026 Coach's Toolbox with more functions for:
                 Additional virtual Wind System-2.
1.170.723 Coach's Toolbox with more functions for:
                Juniors - first time sailing -
                simple excercises luff up and bear away,
                Sailing Champions League format with15 minutes flight and
                randomly wind conditions for training,
                Reward and risk for practice and experts with new option for gain and loss.
1.160.316 Toolbox Reward and Risk new options
1.160.114 Toolbox Gain and Risk simulation
1.150.110 Toolbox Fleet&Match Race with 4 boats,
                 My own regatta 6 buoys, Chance - Risk
1.131.123 Toolbox Animation of "Velocity Made Good (VMG)"
1.121.211 Toolbox 1+2 Against the Wind and Boat against Boat
1.121.028 Toolbox 2 Boat Against Boat
1.110.721 Toolbox 1 Against the Wind
The Coach-Toolbox program (software) requires a special license key, see details here how to order it all in one or as an add on to your game. Here you can download a list of exercises / functions of the Toolbox (German) with hints (Excel-Tabelle, .PDF).

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