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Security checks

You may be prompted to answer security checks. If you see the name: "Tactical_Sailing" or abreviations like "TS", "Win_TS, Mac_TS or Linux_TS" is displayed, then you can confirm to run the program without any risk. This is normal and will not harm your computer.
Unfortunately these security checks dialogs are extremely confusing:
Answer Yes or No or Allow or Run- depending on Windows or Mac!
Our Support Team is available for any questions; send an e-mail with screenshot to support[at]TacticalSailing.com.

JavaFX Runtime-Zertifikat - Authentifiziert durch "VerySign Inc."

This certificate will be displayed when launching Tactical Sailing. Question: Do you want to trust the certificate?
Click: Yes.


Tactical Sailing - Norton Security Scan

Unfortunately are these dialogs extremely confusing: Answer Yes, No or Allow or Run- depending on if you have Windows or Mac! Read information carefully and answer appropriate - always "positive" to continue installation.

If you see such a notice titled "Tactical_Sailing_en", "TacSailGotoTS", or the abbreviation "...TS..., WinTS, MacTS, LinuxTS..." you are running secure software. This notice pops up as standard procedure in Java programs since 30 January 2012, so that you don’t start any foreign software that you don’t want to have on your computer. Confirmation: You can trust Tactical Sailing Software, the source code has not been changed and is not demaged! You can trust the program named: Tactical_Sailing_en. You can either answer this safety check every time the program starts (A) or check mark the option to always trust the execution and allow the program to start setting option (B).

Tactical Sailing is an Apple Inc. certified developer with a notary seal for the app

Code Signature is a macOS security technology that certifies that an app was created by you. Once an app is signed, the system can detect any change to the app, regardless of whether the change was accidental or introduced by malicious code.

The notary will give users more peace of mind that Apple's Developer ID-signed software has been reviewed for malicious components. The authentication is not an app review. The Apple Notary Service is an automated system that checks your software for malicious content, checks for code-signature issues, and quickly returns results to you. If there are no problems, the notary service creates a ticket for pinning your software.
The notary service also publishes the ticket online, where Gatekeeper can find it.

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