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Boat against Boat

Philipp & Julian Autenrieth: "Force the other to make a mistake."

Sailing duel on PC/Mac. "Boat Against Boat" is a game for two skippers. Whoever is better at strategy and tactics will be the winner. Of course, both of you will fight against the wind, but the other skipper and his boat are always crossing your path. The many game and racing areas with up to 64 wind regions are a lot of fun and you can prove how well you control the wind and your boat. You can choose a boat and sail Match Race, Fleet Race or run on Olympic courses.

Boat against boat - in direct duel

Two boats are equipped professionally, two steering wheels and control panels, nautical instruments, speed logs, compasses, and wind indicators are placed ergonomically in skippers view. Each boat is therefore "ready to run", so you can concentrate on your opponent skipper and your own tactic to cross the finish line first. Steering the boat is very easy: 1-click on your key board will luff up or bear a way – or even turn a 360 degree circle to decrease your penalties.

Protest action "Hit me"

Make use of the automatic "Hit me" detection which indicates your protest to the jury you are protesting against the other skipper, e.g. hitting your boat or any other obstruction of rules.


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