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Order for tablets and mobile phones

Payments can be made by credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, etc. at the market places listed. Publisher is Media Digital Page and grantor of a license. 
Tactical Sailing Tips run on apple macOS, iOS and android OS - tablets and mobile phones.
Tactical Sailing Tool Bag(!) runs on all standard Windows PCs, Mac OS X as well as tablets and mobile phones (iOS, android OS), that can use "Adobe PDF" and "YouTube" via Internet. If you have any questions, please contact us at office[at]TacticalSailing.com .

Tactical Tipps and Right of Way Rules

0,00 €   "Rules" For free. The top 10  "Right of Way Rules".
2,99 €    "Tactical Sailing Tips". A selection of Tactical Sailing Tipps incl. Right of Way Rules for beginners.
Prices incl. tax/VAT

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"Tool Bag" - 11 importend tactical Tips

5,00 €:  "Tactical Sailing Tool Bag". The 11 tactical tips especially for regatta sailors and coaches. Runs on Windows PCs, Mac OS X as well as on tablets and mobile phones (iOS, android OS) that can use "Adobe PDF" and "YouTube" via the Internet.
Prices incl. tax/VAT


  • Get tips on an app store: Mac, iPad, or Tablets recomended, iPhone and Smart Phone in a approriate size of display. 
  • A small selection of "tips" from the overall program "Tactical Sailing".
  • Tool Bag runs on all Windows PCs, Macs OS X, tablets and mobile phones that can use "Adobe PDF" and "YouTube" via Internet . YouTube may start individual videos with advertising for a few seconds. These advertisements do not come from Tactical Sailing, but from YouTube. Click on "Skip".
  • Short video clip to watch. 
  • NO game. NO Coach's Toolbox, but short video clips!

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