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Jochen Schumann

"Chance and Risk - the topic would have to be structured"

Jochen Schümann, a prominent visitor at the"boot 2017" in Düsseldorf and much sought after interview guest, took time to visit "Tactical Sailing" and get the latest information regarding the program that he and our Tactical Sailing Team had discussed last year. Our discussion had covered a very important aspect in regatta sailing, namely, the relevance of "Reward and Risk" and "Gain and Loss" situations in competitions. "This topic must be structured" was Jochen's professional opinion of the complexity of this problem. Thereupon our Tactical Sailing Team began analysing all written articles on this subject that could enable them to program a corresponding simulation. We were delighted that we could present Jochen with our first results of this highly complex topic.
With the Tactical Sailing Version from October 2017 (1.171.016), the software contains a new virtual "Wind System-2". Thus, in wind shifts immediately "risk and chance" on "gain" or "loss" can be simulated and calculated.

Abby Ehler

"What a great tool for teaching youngsters, professionals and oldies alike."

Abby Ehler had the opportunity to trial and test the TacticalSailing software at the Boot Düsseldorf. "What a great tool for teaching youngsters, professionals and oldies alike, to visualise what happens out on our 'playground' the shifts, gain & loss, and pressure." Paul Gerbecks who has masterminded this software is extremely passionate about the benefits this can offer to up and coming sailors in addition to their on water training. See more info from Abby Ehler on facebook.

Mat Belcher & Will Ryan (AUS 11)

"I will definitely continue to use this game in the lead up to the Olympics"

Mat: "It's not an easy game. I've been really intrigued by it. First up, I must be honest I thought this was just another tactical sailing game being produced on the sailing market, but this game has real merit and hones your tactical skills. The complexity of the game is really up to you and what you are looking to get out of it. I will definitely continue to use this game in the lead up to the Olympics next year (2012)." See Mat & Will at facebook.

Mark Rushall

"I'm excited about the possibilities with Tactical Sailing software."

"Just been playing with Tactical Sailing Game: lots of potential there. The big advantage for me over other race situation software is that you can move the wind direction in real time to reproduce realistic situations, and position the boats to demonstrate (or test!) specific scenarios. Well done! I think the game situations will be a fun way to get basic and subtle sailing concepts across to developing sailors: Great when the water is a long way away or the weather is unkind. Very many sailors and coaches use Macintosh computers so its great that the software runs nicely on a Mac with no need for Parallels etc.." See www.rushallsailing.com/mark-rushall/


Tilo Schnekenburger

"... a decidedly useful teaching and learning aid..."

The aim and method that Tilo Schnekenburger conveys by using geometry as an academic approach to sailing, is made more comprehensible on knowing why he developed his "geometrical tools". Not only is he a successful regatta sailor but also a lecturer of mathematics! Every professional sailor can use his "geometrical tools" as a basis for his or her personal strategy and tactics. Likewise, his definition of the "switch point" is a tactical decision-making aid. See: www.schnekenburger.click (German language)

Sanni Beucke

"Sanni makes the race"

Professional sailor Susann (Sanni) Beucke, Olympic silver medalist in the 49erFX, started the Ocean Race with Kevin Escoffier in Team Holcim-PRB on January 25, 2023. In addition to the very experienced three-time circumnavigator Abby Ehler from Great Britain, skipper Kevin Escoffier has brought newcomer Susann Beucke from Strande near Kiel into his team. 
Float Magazine: "You are a rookie in the team, but with Abby Ehler you have one of the greatest offshore sailors of our time at your side. That's a great opportunity for you, have you been able to take advantage of it yet?" Sanni: "Yes, of course. We lived together in the same apartment in Alicante. Abby has so much experience. She always knows exactly what needs to be done, she's one step ahead of us all." Source: www.sannibeuckesailing.org

Boris Herrmann

"A Race We Must Win"

Boris Herrmann has been leading the "A Race We Must Win" campaign, which combines sailing, science and education, since 2018. Since then, he has had a laboratory on board that measures valuable marine data in collaboration with the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, GEOMAR and Ifremer. As part of the My Ocean Challenge programme, his team Malizia also educates children around the world about the ocean and climate change. Boris and Pierre Casiraghi - team founders - have created an interesting brochure, "Ocean Challenge - Explore the world with Team Malizian", see here (approx. 20 MB .pdf file). You Tube: www.youtube.com/@teammalizia

Chance and Risk - Zones with gain and loss calculation - Tactical point of decision


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