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The European Championship has always been a unique IODA championship, with boys and girls competing in separate fleets and crowning two European champions at the end of the 5 days of fleet racing.

2024 European Championship - Qualifying races

The currently best 80 optimist sailors are fighting for 7 places to take part in the European Championships (EM) in June. Tactical Sailing (TS) sponsored the winners of the qualification regatta in Travemünde in May 2024 with a voucher for the TS Highlights version.
Arguments: What can we recommend to the 7 participants in the EM-Team for using Tactical Sailing (TS)?
1. Continue practicing tactics on the PC with TS,
2. “Play” TS in three languages
3. Make new contacts with TS,
4. A TS lexicon provides help.

Noah Schweichler was the day's winner in the 5th race, with an overall result of 9th place.
Noah got the TS license key the next day and started training on the PC!

The following will be going to the OPTIMIST EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP 2024 in Carrara/Italy at the end of June:
4 Boys: Lukas Wagner, Maximilian Kießling, Noah Schweichler and Leo Hespe, 
3 Girls: Lea Marie Winkler, Aileen Sorg and Theda-Marieke Bruhns.
The coach is George Blaschkiewitz and the team leader is Annika Oline Großmann.
We will report on this European Championships in Carrara/Italy (ITA).

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2023 Two European Champions: Iason and Maria

See all news reported here. "... The European Championship from 15-22 July 2023 has always been a unique IODA championship, with boys and girls competing in separate fleets and crowning two European champions at the end of the 5 days of fleet racing."  © Carmen Casco; IODA VP Europe. The final day of the 2023 Optimist Open European Championship was the most dramatic one!
One race was planned and completed with Iason Panagopoulos winning it! Panagopoulos managed to comeback from yesterday’s 10 point difference and was crowned back to back European Champion! Nikko Palou Espinar came second with his co-patriot Mateo Carbonell Monte completing the podium!
In the Girls’ category we have a new European Champion with Maria Luisa Silvestri winning the throphy. Anna Ulmer came second in the Open Category with Gaia Zinali completing the podium.

  • GRE 2880 Iason Panagopoulos

There is a new European champion in the girls' event:

  • ITA 9857 Maria Luisa Silvestri

The Top 3 Boys & 3 Girls

Final result after 10 races - Boys and Girls - 21.7.23

The rankings of the GER sailors at the European Championship 2023

The European Championships 2023 - in summary, it was a championship with heat, team spirit and a lot of used chances - a highlight, as everyone felt, was reaching the Goldfleet together - each individual fought hard for it and they were rewarded together - now, after a long and intensive 12 days, the kids are going their own ways again - but what remains are the experiences - forever ... © Birgitt Müller-Genrich, Reports OptiClass News.

Final - Award Ceremony

European Championship (EC) - Thessaloniki (GRE) - Races

292 participants from 47 nations in Thessaloniki

Welcome Letter from Carmen Casco, IODA VP of Europe: "... The Europeans from 15-22 July 2023 has always been a unique IODA Championship in which boys and girls compete in separate fleets and we crown two European Champions at the end of the 5 days of Fleet Racing." © Carmen Casco; IODA VP Europe.

GER-Team Training in Thessaloniki

The current heat wave on 15.7. is called "Cerbero" by meteorologists - based on the multi-headed hellhound "Cerberus" in Greek mythology, which guards the entrance to the underworld. Temperatures of around 40 degrees during the day and 30 degrees at night will make life difficult at the Optimist Europeans in Thessaloniki. We hope only the best for the young sailors next week.
© Foto Birgitt Müller-Genrich, Berichte OptiClass News. (German).

The Club: Nautical Club of Thessaloniki Σχολή Ιστιοπλοΐας Ανοικτής Θάλασσας 

See website: www.ncth.gr Nautical Club of Thessaloniki.
Dear sailors, parents, spectators. We would like to inform you that the official social media of the IODA Class and Nautical Club of Thessaloniki are the following social media:

Nikos Pantis photography: 

Also the Livestream of the races will be at the official Youtube channel of the Hellenic Sailing Federation: https://www.youtube.com/c/HELLENICSAILINGFEDERATION 

The 2023 Optimist European Championship aims in reducing plastic used during the event. For this matter every competitor will be given a re-usable water bottle, given by GROHE. There will be water stations around the venue where you will be able to refill your bottles. Recycling bins by VIPA - our sustainability partner - will be placed in key locations. Bins will be colour-coded dividing the litter by type. Please use them accordingly During racing, competitors are prohibited from throwing litter in the water. You can dispose of your litter in any support/coach/race committee boat.

The 2023 Optimist European Championship aims to be a sustainable event. For this reason, we partnered with VIPA Group - one of the leading companies in recovered materials worldwide. Learn more about the measures that we implement during the championship here: https://bit.ly/SustainabilityOptiEuros2023

Tactical Sailing dictionary is in 11 languages available for free, also with Greek vocabulary

Despoina Orfanidou (Peiraeus Sailing Club PSC) has been supporting Tactical Sailing (TS Supporter) for many years. Despoina translated a TS dictionary with more than 400 vocabulary words about regatta sailing into Greek. A total of 11 languages are available for free in the dictionary, which will help the sailors travelling to Thessaloniki.

Order the Coach's Toolbox - available in 3 languages: Spanish, English and German

Order a Coach's Toolbox here in the online shop. "Participants in the 2021 championship in Argentina - as now also for the 2023 championships in Spain and Greece - will be offered a Coach’s Toolbox." The idea for the Spanish language version came from Pablo Villar (ARG), who has been working intensively for years in Buenos Aires to promote young sailors. Pablo Villar:

  • "The Tactical Sailing Tool will certainly help sailors understand the reasons for tactical decisions and make them better tactical sailors!"

Coach's Tool Bag - a new innovative tool for tactical decision making

Order a "Tool Bag" in the Online Shop.

Strategic and tactical decisions in regatta sailing are made in a similar way to classic "risk management". Already at the starting line, the sailor has to decide on the right or left side of the Regatta area. Jochen Schumann, Germany's most successful sailor, agrees: "The physics of sailing constantly forces us to make a clear decision. " In the Tactical Sailing program there is the "Coach’s Toolbox" with over 100 exercises. From this toolbox collection we have put together a special "Tool Bag" for regatta sailors. With these exercises, the ability to make decisions is trained, such as risk assessment and gain-loss analysis. They serve the regatta sailor to prepare for cups and championships, such as:

  • 2023 Optimist World Championship Costa Brava - Spain,
  • 2023 Optimist European Championship Thessaloniki - Greek.

With one "click", the coach can repeatedly call up the simulation of a regatta scene as video clips (YouTube) and discuss it with the sailors, e.g. tactical behaviour on the way to the finish line. We are happy to provide  the new "Tool Bag" for all sailors.


Click here to visit the shop. Payments can be made by credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, etc. at the market places listed.

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