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The German European Championship Team - Preparation in Kiel

The OPTIMIST EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP 2023 in Thessaloniki/Greece will be attended by: Maximilian Kießling, Noah Schweichler, Valentin Samuel Ziegler, Moritz Mehlmann, Johanna Brinkmann, Amelie Röpke, Lea Winkler. Coach Jan Müller and coach Maria Hoffmann. Almost a fortnight ago, the seven won the ticket to participate in the OPTIMIST EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP 2023, now they used the "Ascension Week" for a first training session together in Kiel-Schilksee. As the training session turned out to be somewhat shorter than expected due to the weak wind, a round of football was played on the meadow. The teams of girls and coaches fought hard against the boys. The boys won the match by a narrow margin. We are excited about the next sailing days and look forward to the week. (Report Co-Trainerin Maria Hoffmann).
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Statements of the entire team about the preparatory training

Good atmosphere with the European Championship team ...:

Valentin: I thought it was very cool that it was so relaxed. It was a different kind of training camp. Great team!
Noah: I thought it was great to play ball in the morning. It was really fun.
Maxi: We tried out a lot and trained a lot. The week was exciting.
Moritz: We became a great team and I liked sailing the big ship best.
Lea: The week was very good and we grew together very well as a team. The best thing was the 49er sailing on Friday.
Johanna: I liked everything and the tour of the national base was really interesting.
Amelie: The highlights were really fun and the team is great.

Coach Maria: It was a very varied week that went by very quickly. The European Championship team got along well during the week and is now well prepared for Thessaloniki.

Coach Jan: We sailed an average of 4-5 hours and it was a lot of fun. The European Championship team is on a very high and similar level and all the exercises on the water went great with the group. We were also able to experience a lot outside of the training time in the Opti and certainly grew together into a super team.

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European Championship (EM) - Qualifying Regatta in Travemünde

The German 2023 European Championship team: (front row from left): Lea Winkler, Johanna Brinkmann, Amelie Röpke, co-trainer Maria Hoffmann; (back row from left) coach Jan Müller, Valentin Ziegler, Moritz Mehlmann, Maximilian Kießling, Noah Schweichler. © Photo Birgitt Müller-Genrich. With gentle southeasterly winds between 8-10 knots, Travemünde bid farewell to the 80 opti sailors at this year's World Championship / European Qualifying Regatta. A total of 11 races were sailed. "A big thank you goes to race officer Klaus Lahme for the extensive water programme, because most of the time there were difficult wind conditions," said OPTI CLASS GER sports administrator Dr Harald Müller. Klaus Lahme had high praise for the Opti sailors: "You are really good sailors, I enjoyed watching you on the water.

The Club: Nautical Club of Thessaloniki Σχολή Ιστιοπλοΐας Ανοικτής Θάλασσας 

Nautical Club of Thessaloniki Σχολή Ιστιοπλοΐας Ανοικτής Θάλασσας 
See website: www.ncth.gr Nautical Club of Thessaloniki.
Nikos Pantis photography: http://pantis.gr/works/thessaloniki-optimist-team-race-2019/
Reports will follow.

Tactical Sailing dictionary is in 11 languages available, also with Greek vocabulary

Despoina Orfanidou (Peiraeus Sailing Club PSC) has been supporting Tactical Sailing (TS Supporter) for many years. Despoina translated a TS dictionary with more than 400 vocabulary words about regatta sailing into Greek. A total of 11 languages are available in the dictionary, which will help the sailors travelling to Thessaloniki.

Coach's Toolbox in 3 languages - Spanish, English and German

Order a Coach's Toolbox here in the online shop.

Pablo Villar (ARG) on facebook: "Participants in the 2021 championship in Argentina - as now for the 2023 World Championship in Spain - will be offered a Coach’s Toolbox - and in the Spanish language version." The idea for the Spanish language version came from Pablo Villar (ARG), who has been working intensively for years in Buenos Aires to promote young sailors. Pablo Villar:

  • "The Tactical Sailing Tool will certainly help sailors understand the reasons for tactical decisions and make them better tactical sailors!"

Coach's Tool Bag - a new innovative tool for tactical decision making

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Strategic and tactical decisions in regatta sailing are made in a similar way to classic "risk management". Already at the starting line, the sailor has to decide on the right or left side of the Regatta area. Jochen Schumann, Germany's most successful sailor, agrees: "The physics of sailing constantly forces us to make a clear decision. " In the Tactical Sailing program there is the "Coach’s Toolbox" with over 100 exercises. From this toolbox collection we have put together a special "Tool Bag" for regatta sailors. With these exercises, the ability to make decisions is trained, such as risk assessment and gain-loss analysis. They serve the regatta sailor to prepare for cups and championships, such as:

  • 2023 Optimist World Championship Costa Brava - Spain,
  • 2023 Optimist European Championship Thessaloniki - Greek.

With one "click", the coach can repeatedly call up the simulation of a regatta scene as video clips (YouTube) and discuss it with the sailors, e.g. tactical behaviour on the way to the finish line. We are happy to provide  the new "Tool Bag" for all sailors.

Spring Cup 2023

The Nautical Club of Thessaloniki under the auspices of the Hellenic Sailing Federation organizes the Spring Cup for Optimist at 5, 6 and 7 of May.

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