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You can pay in the shops with credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, etc. All prices incl. VAT. Media Digital Page is publisher and licensor. Tactical Sailing - Coach's Higlights runs on all major Windows PCs, Linux and Mac OS X Catalina, but NOT on Mac M1/M2 chip and Ventura, note instructions for M1/2, Big Sur, Monterey, Ventura or higher. If you have any questions, please send them to: office[at]TacticalSailing.com.

Order: Coach's Highlights with 20 exercises (English)

We have put together a program "Coach's Highlights" with 20 exercises to train the skills to make decisions on the racing field, especially for racing sailors and coaches.


19,- € Coach's Highlights
Price incl. VAT.

Click here to shop, Select in the shop: "Coach's Highlights (English)".

Coach's Highlights - the additional program (ADD ON) for the Coach's Toolbox (2023) - paid ADD ON Version 2.0

If you have already purchased a 'Coach's Toolbox' with a license key version V2, then we offer you the "Coach's Highlights" program as a paid additional program: "Add On special offer". The prerequisite for this add-on offer is: your previous license key (V2), a copy of the purchase receipt for Tactical Sailing Version 2 including the Coach's Toolbox (All in One or Stand alone). There is no ADD ON for games & tips without Coach's Toolbox. However, you can order the trainer highlights additionally, click here.

9.90 € ADD ON “Coach's Highlights” as a fully-fledged additional program.
Price incl. VAT.
Order: Click here to go to the shop, select in the shop: “Coach's Highlights ADD ON (English)”.

Download: After receipt of payment, you will receive instructions for downloading the ADD ON of your software and the new license key by email.
Send us your current license key (V2) of Toolbox Version 2, a copy of the purchase receipt and name your operating system (Windows, Mac OS X Catalina or Linux) by email to: office[at]TacticalSailing.com .

Ordre : Points forts du coach avec 20 exercices (French)

Nous avons élaboré un programme « Faits saillants de l'entraîneur » avec 20 exercices pour entraîner les compétences nécessaires à la prise de décisions sur le terrain de course, en particulier pour les marins de course et les entraîneurs.


19,- €  Faits saillants de l'entraîneur (Coach's Highlights)
Price incl. VAT.

Si vous avez des questions, veuillez nous contacter Philippe Charret à contact[at]charleemarines.com  . 

Order processing - DOWNLOAD CODE

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This shop offers multilingual operation in more than 20 international languages, e.g. German, English(Standard), Spanish, Greek, French, Argentina, etc.. International languages can be selected in the shopping cart to facilitate the payment process. However, the English version of Tactical Sailing will then always be offered for download. No delivery costs or fees. The cost of downloading a 70 MB file depends on your provider rates (Flat, volume or time-based rate).

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Delivery Coach's Highlights

After ordering a download code and receiving payment in the online shop "MyCommerce", you will immediately receive a licence key with the designation V2 as well as installation instructions with an e-mail. No shipping costs or fees. The sender is: "Client Support MyCommerce". The complete programme will be downloaded and saved in a compressed file (.zip) in your "download directory".

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