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Jubilee edition - 10 years Tactical Sailing - 14 boats to choose

What a pity, the anniversary offer is finished, it lasted 10 days from November 12 to 22! Check out the other offers here.

Exactly 10 years ago on the 12. November 2010 "Tactical Sailing" with its game "Against the Wind " was first "launched". It began as a small concept, but has turned into a highly complex software program not only for children and sailing beginners but also highly favored by Coaches for its unique "Coach's Toolbox". From November 12th - our "birthday" - we will invite you to sail on the PC. Whoever then sails a new "best time" in turbulent winds will receive a trainer toolbox as a prize. We want to celebrate with you, beginning 12.11.2020 for 10 days until 22. November we are offering you:

  • The Jubilee Edition for just 10 € instead of 39€! Games & Tips - Basic version
    Against the Wind - Boat Against Boat! Order here!

The shop will send you a licence key and information on how to install the program.
This offer is valid from 12 November 2020 for a limited time for 10 days until 22. November.

Tactical Sailing is known all over the world

Today "Tactical Sailing (TS)" is known all over the world with the programs being translated into German, English and Spanish/Argentnian, with various documents translated into Italian, French, Swedish, Portuguese and Polish, see press releses here:

Download here the TS-Dictionary with translations in 9 languages.
Also over the last 10 years, 14 different boat classes have sailed into the TS-Harbour: It began with the Optimist, then the Laser and has now reached the J/70 and TP52, and all classes are in the Fleet, Match, Team-Race or Champions League format.

Thank You

Many thanks to the "TS-Fans" worldwide, in New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Europe, USA, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil.
Special thanks to the "sailors" and "tacticians" of the first hour:

  • Julian&Philipp, Jochen, Lennart, Marvin und Nils, Roko&Mic, George, Lutz, Cyrill,
  • Mat&Malcom, Abby&Tom und Zizi!

Thanks also to the loyal TS supporters who have accompanied us to this day and contributed to the language translations:

  • Pablo, Carolina, Petra, Davide, Philippe, Tilo, Nuno, Łukasz

Last but not leased: TS -Team: Christian, Sibylle, Laura, Peter, Tobias

"Play Against the Wind" - sailing against the computer - with a ranking for best times.
Start the "game against the wind", save your "best time sailed" in the ranking list. Are you steering a boat for the first time? "Tactical Sailing" shows you how to "cruise" perfectly against the wind to make faster progress. With the "Game against the wind" you can gain your first sailing experiences, play and train and compare your results in a ranking list *. Apart from the wind, you have a computer-controlled sparring partner for your opponent, who will always spur you on to achieve top performances.
With this "anniversary edition" you have the possibility to sail on a PC/Mac. The range of functions offers the following degrees of difficulty: Wind 1x1 - light, Wind 2x2 - medium, Wind 8x8 - difficult.
In game scenes with a medium level of difficulty you can prove your skills - we are sure that you will not be able to beat your fictitious sparring partner at the first go. 
He will win! Look at the best times in the ranking *!
* Registration in the Lounge here!

"Boat Against boat" - sailing in twos or even in fours, fun without end with the "sailing scooter".
In the game "Boat Against Boat" two sailors meet with their boats in a direct duel; the better one wins in strategy and tactics. The real opponent is always the wind, but here there is another opponent - the skipper in the opposing boat. On several play and regatta fields with up to 64 wind variants, everyone can test how well they master wind and boat. With boats of your choice you can successfully compete in match races, fleet races and Olympic courses.

System requirements
Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, 8, 10 or higher, Linux, Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or higher.

System requirements
Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, 8, 10, Linux,
Mac OS X from 10.6 (Snow Leopard) up to OS X 10.15.7 (Catalina), NOT OS X 11.0.1 Big Sur(Status 14.11.20).

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